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    Yau Freddy

    Yau (as in Yau Ming, not Yao Ming) Freddy. I worry about you a bit. You said in the anagram thread that some of your messages do not get through at GS? Who or what is doing this to you?

    Anyway, I know you are a poet and not a number man, but I need help to make some (poetic) fair minded sense out of.

    Are you able to help?

    N = 23, for a something that starts with 7##.

    Here are the numbers


    Well the 72, 67, 77, 69, 73, and 77 really is depressing. The majority numbers of 94,95,90,93,101,95,98,97,95, and 99 should be uplifting.

    BTW, I do not believe in the concept of the curve.

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    Freddy the Pig 2

    Re: Yau Freddy

    72 Of what is hate, let them not lose it now!
    88 Nor yon volcano's flaming fountains,
    89 Nor any power above or under
    67 Hung mute and moveless o'er yon hushed abyss
    94 To the Indian waves we bore.

    77 We trembled in our multitude.
    95 A pilot asleep on the howling sea.
    69 The orbèd world! If then my words had power,
    90 Ever made us mute with wonder.
    87 Unresting ages; nor had thunder,
    93 Never such a sound before
    80 And had run mute, 'mid shrieks of slaughter.
    101 When its wound was closed, there stood
    95 A pilot asleep on the howling sea (I say again)
    80 And had run mute, 'mid shrieks of slaughter
    98 And died as mad as the wild waves be.

    82 I had clothed, since Earth uprose,
    97 And heard, and cried, 'Ah, woe is me!'
    73 What was that curse? for ye all heard me speak.
    77 Oft, as men convulsed with fears,
    95 A pilot asleep on the howling sea
    99 By such dread words from Earth to Heaven
    89 Nor any power above or under
    Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! I thunder.

    How I'm I doing do far?


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    Yau Freddy

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>How I'm I doing do far?[/quote]

    Yau Freddy, buddy, you are late as usual. (BTW, you showed up late for the Mr. MK contest). It took you > 24 hours to respond? I need some inspiration yesterday!!!

    Anyway, I have made up my mind, I will add 3 to each #.


    There is no difference between any # that falls in the range of 90 to 104.

    There is a world of difference between 77 and 80.

    The 67 + 3, and 69 + 3 are the most depressing. I do not think in another 7 weeks a 90 will be added to 67 + 3 for an overall 80, or an 88 will be added to 69 + 3 for an overall 80.

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    Freddy the Pig 2

    Re: Yau Freddy

    OK, I'm REALLY on it now. Let's see, N = 23 for something that started 7##. Twenty-three years, come July 7, that a person born on 7/7/80 has been gracing the earth with her perfection.

    Seven weeks? That's around the first of May. Hmmm. Don't tell me.

    Freddy<img src= ALT=":\">

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    Yau Freddy Anagram time

    Freddy, I have solved those A, B, C problems. Like I said before this is 7## not 101, some folks just have to work harder.

    So here is an anagram for you, since Mathman has been kicking your b*tt so far. Mr. Mk of 2003 contest is reopened.

    anagram : <strong>D</strong>eed

    Who is this American composer?


    <strong>D</strong>eed was born in New Orleans, his father a professional musician of French West Indian origin, and one of the free blacks in the south of the United States. <strong>D</strong>eed was to become an outstanding violinist, who worked in a cigar factory by day, and in orchestras in the evening. By this method he saved sufficient for his passage to Paris, where at the age of 30 he was recommended to study with the famous composer, Hal?vy. Apart from one short visit, he never returned to the United States, his career built largely in the South of France, where for many years he was conductor of the Grand Théotre orchestra in Bordeaux. He was to compose music in many genres, from operetta and ballet to chamber music and popular songs. Though an American influence lingered in his music, it had become modified by his French tuition, and his conducting of the French repertoire. The style is traditional mid-18th century, with a most pleasing melodic content, and a skilful use of the orchestra. His son was to succeed him as an instrumentalist and composer.Though famous in France, his music disappeared from the repertoire, and was not rediscovered until the conductor, Richard Rosenberg, found it in the archive of the Bibliothèque National in Paris. The exact extent of his output is not known, but it was large and encompassed operettas, ballets, songs and chamber music. The music found was not in good condition, considerable 'renovation' required to bring it to performing standards

    <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">I have never heard of Deed, but I am learning about him from the naxos site. You can listen to the entire album too.</span>

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    Freddy the Pig 2

    Re: Yau Freddy Anagram time

    My Midterm Exam by doctoral candidate Freddy

    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    The median score is a strong 92.
    Nineteen of us mastered the coursework with ease
    --purple my eggplant, green are my peas.

    Tomatoes are red, and celery is green.
    Eighty-nine and four tenths is a marvelous mean!
    With root mean square deviance smack on a 10
    --the score of my teacher's superb acumen.

    Bananas are yellow, a pumpkin is orange,
    The door on the school has a rusty door-'inge
    That squeaks when it opens each time I come in
    To soak up the wisdom of my teacher ___.:lol:

    So kudos to you for a wonderful course.
    A challenge to all, but it could have been worse,
    You teach with such passion, such fire and such verve
    --thank goodness you said you don't grade on the curve.

    OK, that's the numbers. Now I'm going for the anagram. DEED.
    Well, this shouldn't be too hard. Four letters, with two repeats. So there are 4!/(2!*2!) = 6 distinct permutions. You say it starts with D, so that cuts it down by half, leaving three. It can't be DEED itself, because that's not an anagram.
    (Unless you are being <em>fiendishly</em> clever....) So that leaves, let's see, DDEE and DEDE. Hmmm. I'll get back to you.


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    Freddy, how how difficult is it

    for you to click 3X


    and look up the composers biography page

    3. look up the letter D

    Gee, no wonder MM is kicking your b*tt on this Mr. MK thing.

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