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Thread: Skating anagrams

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    Skating anagrams

    Hi, everybody. If you can figure out that


    is an anagram for


    you are invited to go to the Literature Folder and try to solve the Skating Anagram conundrum.

    Or post your own here for us to guess.


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    non skating anagram

    there is one extra letter ( not a vowel)

    thy bold art

    19th century Christian composer/ painter.

    Hint: No one wrote/ writes scherzo quite like thy bold art

    thy bold Art was born in the year when Etienne Louis Malus published his theory of polarization of light by reflection.

    Interesting note, thy bold art loved math too.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">Carmina banana: a medieval musical plantain !!! </span>:rollin: :rollin:

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    Re: non skating anagram

    Six Men End Fellohs, born in 1809.

    OK, I had to misspell Fellows, but I got in all the letters.


    Hey, you changed it while I was answering. (The new one is even cooler.)

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    Re: non skating anagram

    I had never peeked in the Literature Folder - that's one fun place!! :D

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    Re: non skating anagram

    Puzzle solvers, go to the literature folder, there's a new one by Aloft.:D


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    Sorry this thread is hi jack into non skating area

    Some of the greatest violinists of the 20th century lived in the kingdom of <strong>kue rain</strong>.

    These are their names, and their (true) stories.

    1. <strong>to robe rich</strong> (one letter is missing)
    2. <strong>thin tanan miles</strong>
    3. J. Roisman (real name). I will call him JR in the story
    4. <strong>pole is par test</strong> (not his name, just an affectionate name given to him by his fellow countrymen) pole is par test was born exactly 100 years after the death of Haydn
    5. <strong>dok leon gain </strong> (1924 – 1982) born in the kingdom of kue rain

    2 - 4 were born in the city of <strong>sea sod</strong>, a cultural center, and port by the Black Sea
    1 - 4 were born within 10 years of each other.
    Their teachers’ names:
    <strong>solar skyy</strong> (one letter is missing): taught 2 - 5
    <strong>due polar ale</strong>: taught 1 - 2


    1. kingdom of <strong>kue rain</strong>
    2. Black sea port city of <strong>sea sod</strong>
    3. romantic city located near the beautiful blue Danube: <strong>a test bud</strong>

    Story of thin tanan miles, and JR:
    thin tanan miles was 3 years younger than to robe rich and 6 years older than pole is par test. Thin tanan miles was a hyperactive child, he loved to sneak behind his neighbor, little JR and hit him on his head and ran away. JR was not as quick and he was never able to catch thin tanan miles. Mrs. Roisman (JR’s mom) approached thin tanan miles mother and suggested a way to tone down thin tanan miles. Why not enroll thin tanan miles into the school of solar skyy the most reputable violin teacher in sea sod. Thanks to Mrs. Roisman, the world is blessed with thin tanan miles music now.

    Story of to robe rich:
    His birth name was lossif (real first name) to robe rich. He was known to the world by another name. He received his first violin lessons at 3 from his father who was a violinist. He was a prodigy, at the age of 7; he performed six men end fellohs violin concerto in front of an audience of 1000. He was known to have perfect intonation, and technique. Someone told him once, “It’s high time you played a wrong note so as not to infuriate the gods”.

    Story of to robe rich, JR, thin tanan miles and pole is par test:

    One fateful lovely summer day in 1908 lossif came to the city of sea sod. Solar skyy brought his pupils thin tanan miles, and JR to the recital. Thin tanan miles thought lossif looked like an angel. (this is true story). In the audience was the mother of pole is par test, she felt her little baby’s fingers plucking strings at the inside of her tummy. After the recital, she was inspired to raise her child to be a great violinist. (this is fiction)

    Story of thin tanan miles and lossif :
    They didn’t meet again until they both entered the St. Petersburg conservatory and became pupils of the famous violinist / pedagogue due polar ale. Both moved to the States / Hollywood eventually.

    Story of JR, and thin tanan miles:
    In the early 1920s, JR left the kingdom of kue rain, and eventually became the first violinist of the famous <strong>a test bud</strong> quartet. He maintained a good sense of humor, when he saw thin tanan miles at concerts and recitals, he would lightly pat his own head to remind thin tanan miles about his pranks.

    Story of pole is par test:
    Pole is par test was the apple to his parents eyes; he had the most delightful cheerful boyish round face which he retained into adulthood. He was taught by solar skyy, he did not leave sea sod for the more prestigious St. Petersburg conservatory. He graduated from the sea sod conservatory with skills in both violin and viola. He did not emigrate to the west either. He was affectionately called by his fellow countrymen as pole is par test. Fortunate for the rest of the world, the authorities allowed him to have a concert career outside of his country. During one of his tours to New York in the 1950s, thin tanan miles took him violin shopping.

    Oh what about dok leon gain? He was taught by solar skyy pupil briefly, and he too became a great violinist. IMHO, his version of the Khachaturian violin concerto was definitive. BTW, Khachaturian dedicated the concerto to pole is par test.

    Hint: I think Hilary Hahn sounds like thin tanan miles, with her clean sound and long bow. thin tanan miles version of the Dvorak v cto will remain as my desert island copy for a long time.

    Another hint: pole is par test has the <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">warmest soulful tone, and huge fat larger than life sound!!!</span>

    <span style="color:red;font-size:small;">Carmina banana: a medieval musical plantain!!!</span>

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    skating connection and more hints

    Cohen's grandfather lived in the kingdom of kue rain.

    My desert island copy of <span style="color:red;font-size:small;">Dvorak</span> <span style="color:blue;font-size:small;">violin concerto</span> was performed by thin tanan miles and the <span style="color:teal;font-size:small;">pittsburg symphony orchestra.</span>

    The definitive interpretation of the Aram <span style="color:red;font-size:small;">Khachaturian</span> <span style="color:blue;font-size:small;">violin concerto</span> was performed by dok leon gain and the <span style="color:teal;font-size:small;">boston symphony orchestra</span>
    Do a search for thin tanan miles and dok leon gain here, just enter <span style="color:red;font-size:small;">composer</span>, <span style="color:blue;font-size:small;">work</span> and <span style="color:teal;font-size:small;">ensemble</span>:

    Then after you have identified thin tanan miles, do an internet search into his bio, and you will find the answer to <strong>sea sod</strong>, <strong>due polar ale</strong> and <strong>solar skyy</strong>. BTW, to robe rich's other name was mentioned multiple times in thin tanan miles' bio.

    After you have identified dok leon gain, do an intenet search into his bio, and you will find the real name of pole is par test mentioned a couple of times.

    For clues to the city <strong>a test bud</strong>, please read my revised message above.

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    Re: skating connection and more hints


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    Re: skating connection and more hints

    sk8guy2k2 rocks!!!!

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    Re: skating connection and more hints

    I'm working on this, I really am. The only thing I have so far is Budapest, with one letter <strong>substituted</strong> for another, for "a test bud." I got that one for free by searching on J. Roisman (real name).

    Don't give any more hints. I'm on the case.


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    one golden star for MM

    Yes Budapest quartet!!

    Sorry to pull a ten fellohs on you, a pest bud would be too easy. I did say it is a romantic city, located near the danube. I promise there is no more substitute. I apologize for leaving one letter out from to robe rich and solar skyy.

    Now in the kingdom of kue rain or ukraine, there is a port city sea s<strong>O</strong>d by the Black Sea.

    Story of to robe rich

    Someone told him once, <strong>“It’s high time you played a wrong note so as not to infuriate the gods”.</strong>
    Come on you know to robe rich by another name. I think his parents changed his name to the one we are familiar with by 1908, when he gave that recital in sea sod.

    From Sony classical biography of the Budapest string quartet

    The Budapest Quartet was one of the most distinguished chamber music ensembles of our time. Organized in Budapest, Hungary, its first concert was in 1917, after which they embarked on a series of European and International tours which rapidly established its reputation in a dozen countries. Its first leader was Emil Hauser who was succeeded by Joseph Roisman and by 1936 all the members were Russian or Ukrainian. The Quartet settled in the USA in 1938 and until 1962 was in residence at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. The quartet disbanded in 1967.

    Known the world over for its warm expressive interpretations of the classical repertory, particularly Beethoven, the Budapest String Quartet discography was a staple of the Columbia and Columbia Masterworks catalog for over three decades. To this day, their recordings are sought after for their unrivaled balance and blending of suave, soulful and immaculately pure tone, which achieves a unity of effect that is unequaled, and brings a poetry and understanding to its interpretations.

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    Re: one golden star for MM

    <strong>O</strong>dessa! Two gold stars!:lol:

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    Re: one golden star for MM

    Nathan Milstein!

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    Re: one golden star for MM

    Leonid Kogan!:D

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    Re: one golden star for MM

    Leopold Auer!:smokin:

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