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    Jules Asner

    Survivor Amazon

    Anyone watching? Last night's episode was very good with the surprise changing of teams.
    I am hoping Dave, Butch and Christy make it to the final 3.
    It is such a disgrace how mean-spirited the women were to Christy and nice to see that Dave Butch and Roger are being so considerate of her hearing impairment.
    Shawna is ridiculous - crying and carrying on for 2 days about being so weak and sick and wanting to go home, but then as soon as there are men around she is suddenly cured. It's a miracle!

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    I am so incredibly disappointed in this season's Survivor. Last might's 'twist' actually took the gross clique-y situation and made it worse.

    I also would like Christy and Butch in the top 5 - not sure about Dave, although he played brilliantly this episode - but unless she can seriously step up her strategizing (which I don't see happening) to get the boys to see that Heidi is not a good ally for them, she's gone next time Tambaqui is at Tribal Council.

    As for Jabaru, I feel sorry for Deena. She's toast. And Shawna? Out of all the Barbie Patrol, I thought she was ok. From the editing she seemed to be the silent member of the team, and I felt bad that she wanted to leave and her tribe wouldn't let her. But now, I'm just disgusted with her. I don't know why she signed up for this show - it obviously isn't to win, or even play, the game.:rolleyes:

    In general the ladies of this whole competition have displayed a depressing lack of ability in the game - the ones who know how to scheme are stupid and completely unlikeable; the ones who should have been good at the game have not strategized well (or at all). At this point, I wouldn't mind if the guys got rid of ALL the chicks and ended up battling out the top 6 amongst themselves. Bleah!


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    Jules Asner

    Re: survivor

    On the website it says on the next survivor that Butch and Roger have a different idea of who should go next and Dave is unsure. It sounds to me like Butch and Roger will want to keep Christy if they lose another challenge. Christy has no alliance with the other women since they pretty much ignored her because she was deaf from the very beginning. Heidi has an alliance waiting for her with Jenna, Deena and Shawna and since Jenna so cunningly told Dave all of the women's secrets, the men know who's involved in the women's alliance. Way to go Jenna. The women of this tribe are really not representing their sex very well. Deena is by far the best, but like you said, she's toast, especially with Joanna and Jeanne gone.

    Shawna's a disgrace to women. I don't blame Heidi for voting off Jeanne (she seems extremely bitter and unfriendly) but thanks go Jenna telling all their secrets and Christy's being honest about her happiness and relief with the men because they are making an effort to communicate with her and the women didn't try to talk to her or include her in conversations at all, the men know they would have a much more loyal allegiance with Christy.

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    Re: survivor

    The producers really spiced things up and made it unpredictable. I loved the surprise switch. This season it was hard to find anyone likeable enough to root for. It was funny watching Shawna suddenly recover because she found a boyfriend in the middle of the Amazon.

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    re: next week's ep

    Hey Jules,

    It's funny, I was thinking that Christy might have a chance with Butch and Roger, as they are likely to be less swayed by Heidi's, um, investments, than Dave. My pessimism came from the lack of good scheming we've seen from Christy thus far - I was afraid she wouldn't have it in her to proactively make a new alliance. But maybe it'll just happen on its own. I hope so. I'd like to see Heidi gone ASAP.

    On the other team, Deena's only chance would be to approach Matthew (another outsider) and Rob, and point out the liability of having a romance interfering in their alliance, and point out that Jenna will be loyal to Heidi after the merge, so she's not a good ally. The best I think she can hope for is a tie, I'm afraid, but I don't see any other avenue for her.


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    Re: re: next week's ep

    I'm pulling for Butch, Deena, and Alex. It sucks that it seems like Deena has no chance anymore, but I can always hope.

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    Re: re: next week's ep

    I loved the switch because it really shocked Jenna. She really told all. I wonder if the guys strategized before splitting. I remember that many commented that Heidi was hot, but they told Shawna that she was voted the hottest.

    I'm not sure if Heidi did a good thing. Dave told her that the guys wanted to take her to the final four, but is that just to the merge or to the end. She was too silly to ask.

    I think Christy was just being loyal to the girls alliance that they discussed while walking to the guys camp. I actually like Christy - other than the episode where she got frustrated about the shelter, she's really held her own. I think the 2 older guys might prefer to keep her around - if Tambaqui loses again, Dave would be smarter to vote out Heidi since she's got the alliance with Jenna.

    Of the women remaining, I like Deanna and Christy. I'm not sure which of the guys I really like.

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