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Thread: The New Sinatra

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    The New Sinatra

    Who is he? His name is Michael Buble and he hails from Vancouver, BC! David Foster discovered him and has produced a CD for him along with Paul Anka!

    Here are a couple of sites if you are interested:



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    Re: The New Sinatra

    He is really good. I heard him sing on Stars on Ice Thursday night. He kind of reminds me of Harry Connick Jr. He's got such a smooth voice. I downloaded "That's All" so I could hear him again. I'll probably be adding his CD to my collection. :D

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    Re: The New Sinatra

    Hi Lad and shadair,

    So that's why Sale and Pelletier chose that recording. Buble is Canadian!

    Just kidding. I'm sure they also liked the light and playful song too. I think his style is smooth and will check out his cd, 'cuz I am a fan of all his heros!

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    Re: The New Sinatra

    I just bought his CD - really wonderful. Another young crooner to keep your eye on is Peter Cincotti. He just released his debut eponymous CD. From what I've found on him so far, he is a protege of Harry Connick Jr. And just like Mr. Connick, Peter also plays the piano.

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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