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    Children's books

    Can anyone recommend some good books for a baby that will be 1 year old in April? Never too early, right?



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    Re: Children's books

    Go to the book store and check out the childrens section. I know that I liked to buy the books that the baby can touch and feel. It's never to early to start reading!

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    Re: Children's books

    Classic Mother Goose with big bright pictures is always a good choice. Books with ABC's and 123's are good, too.

    Also, board books are more durable than standard paper and easier for those little hands to try to turn.

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    Re: Children's books

    Anything plastic-made is good...:D Seriously,
    "Pat the Bunny" is a great book. It has several tactile elements, a small mirror, cute pictures and story...42

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    Re: Children's books


    I used to work in as well as manage a book store. There are a miriad of children's books available ranging from cloth books, to plastic books they can take in the tub and board books. There are Winnie the Pooh books and Thomas the tank engine as well as an array of animal and nursery rhyme books. The list is endeless! Visit your local bookstore and you will be amazed at what is out there. It's never to soon to buy books for the little ones.

    Happy book hunting.


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    Jules Asner

    Re: Children's books

    Hans Christian Anderson - if you get the complete works there is a large variety from very short stories to some that are rather long. The Little Mermaid is his most famous but he also has others that were popular like Thumbelina and The Little Match-Stick girl. If the parents like to read to the child, it would provide a lot of readings.

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