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    Jules Asner


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    Jules Asner

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    Who are your favorite artists and which are your favorite pieces. Have you seen any in person? What do you wish to see in the future?

    I love Van Gogh. I was in Amsterdam but got sick the day I was to go see the Van Gogh museum. I tried to go anyway, but was so coughy and sneezy and dizzy and it was cold and raining. I somehow got lost and kept walking in circles. Tired and weary, I stumbled into Rembrandt's house and then headed back to bed. However, I have seen some of Van Gogh's work in NYC. I plan to go to Holland again in a few years to try again. I also like Picasso and plan to go to the Picasso/Matisse exhibit which is in NY at the moment. I would like to visit Frida Kahlo's house when I go to Mexico and Monet's house in Giverny next time I'm in France. I've seen the Mona Lisa, which was quiet nice and michaelangelo's pieta in Rome which was divine. I also like several others: Monet, Degas and the rest of the French Impressionists. Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, John Grimshaw Atkinson, Norman Rockwell,
    Wolf Kahn, Vermeer and many more. There is a french artist I really like, well I think he's french, and I think his name is something like Fabrice de Villenueve?? I'll have to look it up.

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    I don't know much about art, but I love art. I was very impressed with the American wing in the NY met, and the impressionist collection at Chicago Art Institue.

    Jules ITA about michaelangelo's pieta. There were a couple of Raphael paintings at the Vatican that captured my attention. I don't know the name of the painting, and I didn't ask the tour guide at the time.

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    Jules Asner

    Re: ART

    I don't know much either but I love it and the more I see the more I love. I'll have to check out the Chicago Art Institute on my next visit. Another sculpture I loved was 'Winged Victory' in the Louvre. It found it stunning.

    I am such a dope, I was in the home town of Raphaelo (sp?) and I didn't even know it until I left :rolleyes: . I guess I could blame the guide who didn't tell anyone. I love visiting homes of famous artists/musicians or whatever.

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    Hahha. Art rules. I've always loved it. I've always wanted to be a cartoonist also. I've already got my own characters. The title would be "Seven and Rob" so watch out for that! :D I'm in the art club at my hs and we just took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was fun as hell!

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