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Thread: Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day?

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    Thumbs up Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day?

    My great grandson is having his second bd party that Sat. His bd is the 29th and my Angel Daughter is the 30th. So, we (baby daughter! & I) will be going to Larned again. Really excited about it.
    Today is sad as it is the 8th anniversary of my husband's passing. It's funny but I always remember what happened that day and get disgusted the nurse didn't even bother to call me when he started getting really bad.
    Hope everyone will have a really great holiday.

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    I'm sorry about your bad memories, Grgranny.

    Nothing special today but we did make a point of writing to a few soldiers stationed in Iraq. There is a wonderful website for anyone who would like to do that:

    One of the soldiers we wrote to said this back in 2005:
    It seems like support for this Operation is fading. When we first arrived in country the mail was filled with letters and boxes, now we are lucky to get one letter a week. There are a few folks out there, that have been faithfully sending us stuff, but they are the exeception not the norm.
    However one feels about this war, the men and women over there need and deserve support. The website says that letters are the most important thing to send.

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    It's a family affair. We go to the cemetary to visit several graves of family members including two past 'killed in action' military boys. Sad, but then we go to a restaurant for a big lunch and much chatter about present day family.


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    I put flowers on my husband's grave & then I came home & pulled weeds!

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    went to work... blah... one bad thing about tourism = holidays are supposed to be teh big days

    ours was stuck with bad weather so it was a poor showing :( so I had to go home early as they couldn't afford to keep everyone on lol

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