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Thread: Americal Idol #4

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    Americal Idol #4

    <span style="color:maroon;font-family:helvetica;font-size:small;">The way they were talking about this being THE week, I eagerly watched and waited... and waited... and waited... Geesh, on the whole, it was even worse than last week.

    The judges were right on the money about people OVERSINGING. Whatever happened to SUBTLETY? To SENSITIVITY? Why does everyone feel he/she has to SCREAM at us? It's the karaoke syndrome run amok.

    SYLVIA: Two words: OY VEY. I mean the song says "Didn't we almost have it all?" It's plaintive but you have to remember that in just about every sad song you will find moments of REMINISCENCE. These moments are when you relive JOY. When you relive a happy time, that would be reflected in your voice, face, etc. You cannot go through an entire song with one emotion. This kills a song. This could be said about every single one of these singers (and heck, just about everyone I've seen on this show).

    CHIP: Decent voice, stop licking your lips, dude and stop waving at me. You know, everyone always feels the need to do something with their hand(s), which is stupid. I, as audience, only look at your hand(s) if YOU MAKE ME by waving at me with empty and meaningless gestures. Otherwise, I'd never notice a hand by your side. I agree with the comment about doing runs without emotion. Again, these types of stylizations only work when there is a MEANING behind it.

    JUANITA: Two words: OY VEY. She started out okay, soft, then went into scream mode. The tone had no roundness or fullness or color to it. It was flat, not just in pitch. Arguing with Simon put the lid on the coffin. Oh, and whoever let her go on stage in stripes should never be allowed to dress another human being ever again.

    PATRICK: Interesting fellow, good voice, seems like a very nice guy. Wants to sing rock but should be thinking Michael Bolton.

    NASHEKA: She also killed her chances by arguing with Simon. She might have stood a chance if she'd taken it on the chin like Ashley did. Could have done without the [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] outfit. Good voice, did nothing extraordinary with the song, no emotion behind it.

    JOSHUA: Best of the evening. He needs to get rid of the tongue tension--it's really bad--but could easily be corrected with some of Auntie RealtorGal's exercises (yikes, I actually wrote my real first name here before I caught myself!). Great personality, true passion, great song.

    ASHLEY: Two words: POOR GIRL. How the heck did she get there? Not arguing with Simon was the smartest thing she could do because now America will feel sorry for her and maybe she can get into modeling or acting.

    COREY: Sorry, but I thought he was AWFUL. He was completely FLAT most of the time (despite Paula telling him that he was on pitch) and his voice cracked several times. It was a poor imitation of the original song. This is the first time I've completely and utterly disagreed with Simon. But he'll probably get selected based on what the judges thought.

    My choices were: JOSHUA and PATRICK


    Now here's the thing I've been thinking about: This really is a karaoke contest, isn't it? I mean, we're not seeing artists. We're seeing singers repeating the same kinds of vocal stylization over and over and over with almost no originality whatsoever.

    If Norah Jones made her debut on American Idol, would she have made it? I doubt it. Yet she is a true artist.</span>

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    Re: Americal Idol #4

    :lol: I was waiting for you to post this and just as I thought, well, maybe she didn't have a chance to get to it tonight and posted mine, there yours was<img src= ALT=":o"> I ended it by saying, "Twinnie, give us your professional opinion and your daughter's great one-liners !"

    I voted for Jason and didn't want to vote for anybody else. I thought Nasheka, to whom Simon mentioned Tamyra (he didn't actually compare them) really blew it big time with her attitude. Simon was giving her a major compliment and she went all 'tude on him. Stupid, really stupid. I loved it when Simon said, "I take it all back. You were great." He couldn't have cut her down more if he'd had Bill the Butcher's meat cleaver.

    I agree with your assessments, Rgal. One thing though about the kareoke aspect of the contest: Last year the first rounds were like this too but even worse. People didn't start to distinguish themselves (at least those that did) until about the third week of the final ten. I think it takes them that long of (a) working with professional voice coaches; (b) getting over the nerves of being on AI; (c) finding songs that truly work for them instead of songs they think will work for them; and (d) separating out all the mediocrity. For example, last year, Kelly Clarkson was great in the original audition and then kind of fumbled around in the opening rounds and in the first few weeks of the finals. She wasn't bad by any means and always had a strong voice, but she didn't exhibit any real passion and range until she sang "Natural Woman" in the third or fourth week of the finals. After that, there was no stopping her. Tamyra, OTOH, was gang-busters from the git, but stumbled very badly in the seventh round of the finals (I think) with a poor song choice and phony delivery. I thought sure she would be in the final two no question, but she got voted off before some much, much weaker singers did. And the second place guy from last season, Jason Guarini, never could sing, but he made it with his looks, personality, and audience connection. I heard him sing recently and it's amazing what a year of coaching, touring, and being expected to perform at a professional level can do for someone like him.

    I was thinking that same thing about Norah Jones after the Grammies last night. Of course, we don't know what her early performances sounded like. I was also watching an "E True Hollywood Story" about Diana Ross. They showed old footage of her and played old recordings. Yeesh! Making bug eyes because her brother told her she had pretty eyes, and singing with this nasal, not much of a range voice. I thought it was ironic that Ashley of the helium voice chose a Diana Ross song. For about one second, right at the beginning, I thought it might work. Anyway, watching the Diana Ross thing was a lesson in drive and perserverance (and being the diva ). Anyway, I think there will probably only be one person who truly captures the whole package as the competition goes on, but that's as it should be. About three will hit it sometimes, but will be iconsistent. Another three will have one great performance and that's it. And the other three will never get out of the starting gate. And as Simon admitted during the "Best of the Worst Auditions" special, some people fell through the cracks. Such a shame about Frenchie's background, but them's the breaks. And there are probably others who should be here but for whatever reason, just blew it at a crucial moment. Once I was at a dance audition (one of those 500 dancer ones) and a woman who was clearly pro material got cut with the first group. The choreographer in charge just didn't see her. His assistant ran over, got her, and just put her in the top group, where she belonged. Later the choreographer asked her to join his company but she declined as she had just received an offer from Twyla Tharp. It was an obvious lesson in the limitations of these massive audition processes.

    BTW, any gems from Rdaughter?

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    Re: Americal Idol #4

    :lol: <span style="color:navy;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;"> No, Rdaughter was working on a science project with RDad--and he ALWAYS watches the news!

    Since I didn't see last season's show, it will be interesting to see how things progress. I agree that with experience and professional coaching, someone with potential can really make it happen. What I'm looking for now is that potential.

    P.S. Twinnie, I just KNEW you'd be waiting for my post!!! We are SO separated at birth!</span> :D

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    Re: Americal Idol #4

    Overall, this group was not that great at all. The only one that really stood out to me was Joshua. Great presence, great song choice and he sang it WELL, and he is a nice looking and personable guy. :D I actually voted for him (twice!) tonight and I haven't voted for anyone else at all. I just really liked him. He made me smile and I just wanted him to keep singing! The only other one I liked at all was Corey but even he didn't make me want to vote for him. Patrick wasn't too bad either but I didn't like his song choice although I like that song, just not him siniging it. So I was all about Joshua. He erased all the bad stuff....LOL :rollin:

    BTW-Bring on the Wildcard! I want to see Clay and Hadas back for that show. Clay moreso than anyone. He SO needs to be in the top ten! He was great. :D

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    American Idol #4


    I can't believe how strong this competition started out, and how lame the last 2 groups have been! Does it seem weird to anyone else that the first two groups were stacked with potential Top-10ers, but the last 2 were a total let down? Ok, some folks who were expected to do well simply didn't measure up, and Frenchie was supposed to be in this group after all, but the producers of this show must be kicking themselves for not totally reversing the order of the groups.

    RealtorGal, your comments about all the performers were 100% right on. If anyone other than Joshua and Corey get into the next round I'll be shocked (although I completely agree about Corey's performance). As for Ashley - you know it was bad news when Ryan's comments on the couch amounted to "Don't worry, you can still do other things!". Not even a shred of disagreeing with the judges there <img src= ALT=":o">

    Speaking of Frenchie, ya think they could have at least mentioned why she wasn't there? Yeesh! It's my secret (and not-gonna-happen-in-a-million-years) hope that they somehow bring her back for the wild card. This competition needs her- bad!!


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    Clay for Wild Card!


    I'm rooting for Clay and Kimberly Caldwell for the Wild Card (although I liked Hadas too). But, assuming that Joshua & Corey (or any 2 guys because I will know this competition is rigged if any of tonight's women get into the Top Ten) move forward, I wonder if they will choose 2 women for the Wild Card to make it split evenly gender-wise?


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    Re: Wildcard Judge

    I want a wildcard competition to add another judge and I want it to go to REALTORGAL!:D They need somebody besides Simon who will tell it like it is. Can we start a write-in campaign?

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    Norah Jones

    This is what Norah Jones said in an interview with VH1 last June. (

    VH1: So are musical nuances more powerful - in an emotional sense - than volume?

    Jones: It depends. For me they are. But that's because I'm not Whitney Houston. And I'm not going to try to be. My record is a lot more mellow than I intended it to be. The way I sing on it is quieter than I intended. Part of the reason was being new at recording, and part was trying not to be the way pop music is today - and maybe overcompensating by undersinging.

    And this is a woman who counts Aretha Franklin among her idols. So to paraphrase Ms. Jones, most "American Idol" contestants don't know they are not Whitney Houston.

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    Why Frenchie's Gone

    The utter nerve and hypocrisy of FOX!!! They booted Frenchie because it was revealed that she had done some topless modeling for a website.

    I mean, COME ON, for heaven's sake. Evan Marriott posed in a thong (EEEEEWWW!), Nikki McKibbon used to be a stripper, and Sarah (from Joe M.) did bondage and foot fetish videos, not to mention FOX is starting their new reality series where they are having the American public arrange marriages. And they're concerned about a morality issue?!?!:rolleyes:

    Anyone else heard about this whole thing?

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    Re: Why Frenchie's Gone

    Well, I think the *judges* got it right tonight when they chose Chip to go on to the "Wildcard" show. I agreed with Joshua and Cory being the top two from last night. Nasheka gets another chance ... hope she cans the <strong>ATTITUDE</strong> next week!! I'm getting REALLY tired of people who CANNOT accept criticism of any kind.

    Who besides me thinks the <strong>TWIST</strong> will be the return of <span style="font-size:large;"><strong>FRENCHIE DAVIS?? !!</strong></span>

    Personally, I will be VERY disappointed if the TWIST is anything else.

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    Re: Why Frenchie's Gone

    Frenchie didn't simply pose topless - she was topless on a porn site. The pose suggested masterbation and 'who's your Daddy'. The theory is that no one would want to see the 'American Idol' on a porn site - not exactly role model material.

    While Fox does produce a lot of trash TV, AI is considered family fare and, therefore, lives by a different set of rules than Temptation Island and the Last Resort.

    While the others may have done inappropriate things, there hasn't been any blatant evidence provided. I've heard Nikki worked at a strip joint, but no one's actually said that she stripped - she may have just waited tables.

    I'm sure Frenchie will have a career. She has the voice and charisma. Now, she's got the attention and notoriety too. I'm sure she'll go farther than Nikki McKibben.

    I'm glad Tamayra is seeing success even without winning Idol, too.

    As for last night's show,I thought they were all awful. All the ones that argued sounded the worst. No one stood out and I can't even remember any individual's performances. So far, I've only voted for Kimberly and Ruben because I thought they sounded good and I wanted to help them out since they don't have the 'look'. Vanessa from last week was good, too. I don't think Ricky (hercules) will make it to the very end, but he's got a very pleasant personality and has obviously listened to advice/criticism from the judges (they told him he dressed too old at his audition and he came to the show with a younger look that was still 'him').

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    pleez o pleez

    OK, last night I thought I would be laughed at for my hope that they would somehow bring Frenchie back - but now I am convinced that is exactly what they're going to do!!!!

    Sally1214 - I'm with you. If the twist is anything BUT Frenchie's return, it will be ludicrous.

    yea Frenchie!!!!!


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    Re: Why Frenchie's Coming Back!

    heyang ~

    What has bothered me so much about the Frenchie debacle is that FOX has known about her porno past since her original auditions in November. If her previous career really was against their rules, they could have easily edited her out of the first few episodes, and no one would have known anything about it (as in the case of the guy who got booted because he had a contract with a singing group - I don't even remember anything about him).

    The fact that they left footage of her in makes me think they were deliberately setting America up - to see how America would respond to her dismissal. Based on the public opinion, they can now bring her back with the convenient new rules that allows the judges to pick outside the top 32 - and the controversy has only given AI even more coverage!! Leaving early footage of Frenchie's auditions just doesn't make sense otherwise.


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    Re: Why Frenchie's Gone

    "And this is a woman who counts Aretha Franklin among her idols. So to paraphrase Ms. Jones, most "American Idol" contestants don't know they are not Whitney Houston."

    AY, I couldn't agree more. Learning what kind of singer one is and how to make the most of what you've got is so important. Actually, it's important no matter what you do. But that is a GREAT bit of insight from Norah Jones and you.

    Cynic and Guinevere,
    ITA about Frenchie. She told them about the porn site appearance from the git. If FOX was so concerned about morality they should have said, "Sorry, no can do" right away. I hope like hell that the return of Frenchie is the twist--anything else would be a let down. And I think the theory that FOX was waiting to see what the public reaction would be is very possible. All the other things people mentioned about what other reality contestants have done makes FOX look totally hypocritical to me. If people knew the number of Hollywood stars who have porn in their backgrounds--sheesh! I sure hope Frenchie comes back. This show needs a big strong woman with a big strong voice and personality.

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    F R E N C H I E !

    Interesting: I just read on another website that the Judges will be picking 4 from the Wildcard, not 2, to make a Top 12!

    Someone also pointed out that Simon was mysteriously in New York a couple of weeks ago instead of on the show - right around the whole Frenchie Firestorm. All arrows are pointing to Frenchie's return (or one big *huge* letdown)


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