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Thread: KCHS Seniors JIPPED

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    KCHS Seniors JIPPED

    For every name put on different items(ie sweatshirt/tshirt/mug/tankard/lots of other stuff I don't have) they have to pay as it makes the list huge LOL

    Anyway... as everyone knows I'm not graduating with my class due to Mr. Dunn's *wonderful* decision. As he made that decision AFTER we had to make the decisions....

    My real question is... should the Senior class or Mr. Dunn have the final say of who is part of the Senior class? That seems to be the debate with-in the district... who has the right to consider students class members? Teachers? Administrators? Students?

    Most of the TEACHERS at KCHS AND the Students believe that the senior class should have a say(after all it's coming out of our funding)

    so who should choose?

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    Re: KCHS Seniors JIPPED

    When I was in college I took part in a lot of student activism stuff (this was the 1960s, when that was in style :lol: ), and the point that we always tried to make was this. Some things affect only the administration (maintaining the buildings and grounds, for instance), some things affect only the faculty (the quality of research facilities), some things affect only the students, and some things affect all three. So student government organizations should be the sole arbiter on issues that affect only the students, but they should not seek a voice in decisions that affect only the other two groups.

    Most things, however, fell into the last category -- they affect everybody. Therefore there should be procedures in place to hear the voices of all three groups -- students, faculty and administration.

    I don't know whether this concept is valid in high school, though, where principals and school boards act <em>in loco parentis</em> (that is, they make decisions for you as if they were your parents). Anyway, I think the way to go is to get some parents involved. School officials can blow off students, but they have to listen to the parents who, in the final analysis, pay their salaries.

    BTW, I think it's "gypped."

    But that word might be a little bit politically incorrect these days, because it comes from Gypsy. Like, if you deal with a Gypsy, you will end up being gypped.


    PS. The reason that these Romani people (mostly from Romania and Hungary) were called Gypsies is that Europeans thought that they came from Egypt. Actually, their ancestors came to Eastern Europe from India. Scholars know this because of the structure of their language, which is closely related to Indian languages such as Sanskrit.

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    Re: KCHS Seniors JIPPED


    Thanks for the factoid on gypsies. It was interesting.


    Sorry about your graduation woes. IMO, the decision should have considered the opinions of your peers and the teachers. Sorry, I don't recall the precise details...just wondering if you were actively involved in student activities and were well-known by your classmates. If you were involved with the extracurricular fun and activities, it would seem as though you definitely deserve to participate with your graduating class. Otherwise, I can't say what's right since a majority of most classes do not fully participate in school activities.

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    Re: KCHS Seniors JIPPED

    According to my wonderful English teacher, the "gypsies" (Rominai and Sinti) were killed and put into concentration camps as much as Jewish people during the Holocaust. I read a breif article on a gypsie boy who was arrested and sent to Three different concentration camps in the 40's and lived to tell the tale, while saving 16 young children along the way. He currently lives in Germany trying to earn the different Gypsie tribes compensation for losses during the war. I think the total number killed during the Holocaust was 160,000.

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    Re: KCHS Seniors JIPPED

    interesting tidbits of history

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>just wondering if you were actively involved in student activities and were well-known by your classmates.[/quote]

    very much so... I am in pep band, drama, and have helped out with fundraisers and school events... I've grown-up with my classmates here... I'm well-known... and from what I gather now... I'm well liked :lol: we're a small group and so there are only a handful of people I don't know of(they recently moved in and the like) I'm not popular by any means... but just about everyone who is is helping in the "protest" of the "outrage" of Mr. D telling them who to consider their classmates and who not to.

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    Re: KCHS Seniors JIPPED

    I don't recall if your principal gave you an explanation of the decision. Did he act on his own? by the rulebook? Have other parents or anyone approached the school's board members? While he is accountable to the parents, the only real enforcement is through the school board - without complaining to them, there is no way to prevent this from happening to someone else.

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    Re: KCHS Seniors JIPPED

    It might be that each individual student and his or her situation should be taken into consideration. You might try taking your concerns to the school board at it's next meeting. Before I did this, I would recruit some sympathetic former teachers to take your case to the school's principal. Doesn't seem fair. Good luck and let us know what happens.....42

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