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Thread: Lost Punzie

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    Lost Punzie

    We just lost Ratpunzel post surgery for multiple tumor removal. They called me, said she was fine. Half hour later they called me to said she went into cardiac arrest and passed away. I am heartsick. I know it sounds ridiculous to feel so sad over a rat, but it's the only pet we've ever had and she was so sweet and fun to play with. We are delaying telling our daughter until this evening (she has a friend over, and I have to meet clients later this afternoon and I want to be here to comfort her). Kudos to Mr. RG for his compassion and caring--he's as upset as I am! :(

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your pet. I hope that your daughter will eventually feel like having another one some day.


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    Re: Lost Punzie

    RealtorGal, I am so sorry to hear that Punzie did not make it through surgery. Losing a pet is so devastating, especially when it's your first pet, as it is your daughter's. I am sure that having people think your pet is an odd pet does not make it easier.

    My kitty Lydia just had a second stroke and we don't know yet if she is going to make it through or not. She is 20 years old and we both love her so much, but I don't think she is going to have the energy to fight through this one. I am so worried about her. Vets pretty much don't do anything for old cats with strokes.

    Our best wishes, Ski and Doris

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    There is nothing ridiculous about feeling sad over the loss of a pet. It is very tragic and you have my sympathy. Time heals.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    I too want to offer my condolences. It's as if one day they appear and the next they're an integral part of the family. And they leave us too soon.

    I would really like to say something profound but at this point in my own grieving process, the only think I can say is, I understand how you feel.


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    Re: Lost Punzie

    Sorry to hear the loss of your pet. It's always hard to lose even the smallest of pets. My condolences to you and your daughter.


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    Re: Lost Punzie

    <span style="color:red;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">Thanks so much for your kind words. 4Dog & Doris, I'm so sorry for what you're going through, too.

    My daughter cried bitterly, then my husband joined in--I don't know who was in worse shape, bless their kind hearts. The house feels so empty without her. Truth is, she was most fond of my husband. He only had to walk into the room before she'd start climbing up her cage, begging for a little treat and he'd run over to her and give her one. She was his first pet ever. We're all calmer but still very sad; I know in time we will all feel better.

    Thanks again.</span>

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    RG and family,

    I'm with Daniel - it is never ridiculous to grieve over a lost pet. They come into our lives and become part of our lives and part of our families. Of course their loss is a legitimate loss and we are entitled to grieve for them and our own loss of their company.

    I've never had a pet die that didn't leave a little hole in my life. Eventually you do move on and even love (and lose) more pets. It is a sad fact of life that life is short and fragile. A rat or a fish or a bird or a spider or snake - if you love it and lose it, you grieve. Grieving is legitmate no matter what the cause.

    Doris and 4dog, we know you both are dealing with similar pet losses. Having an 18 year old cat myself, I have dreaded her loss. It will come. How soon? I don't know and am glad I don't because I intend to care for her the same either way.

    Your daughter and husband are having a new experience that is never a pleasant prospect, but part of life. Hope you all find a way to move on and find another pet or two to add to your lives!

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    We had hamsters and rabbits when I was a kid, along with dogs, cats, birds, and fish, and I know how devastating it can be to lose a most beloved pet. Some of them just have special personalities that make them part of your family. There are people I've known whom I've long forgotten, but our bunnies Goldie, Sally, and Mrs. Bunny; our cats Peanuts and Fluffy, Babyface, Bubba, JingleBelly, Della, Tiffany, and Taco; our dogs Cookie, Lady, Sam, Wallace and Ladmo, and especially Chantzi and Boo Boo; our canary Poquito; and hamsters Petey and Bosco are souls I can recollect in an instant. We had too many fish to name. I don't think it matters what species the pet is, their deaths can be heartbreaking and the grief hard and long.

    Of course I add my regrets to the others, but I'd like to add something else as well. Check out the new thread topic.

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your pet rat. Losing an animal that's been a part of your family is hard. My friend just called me and said her cat of 20yrs just died. She is heartbroken about it as I know you are about Ratpunzel. I hope you, your daughter, and husband are doing okay.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss...the human animal bond is a real and wonderful thing and not ridiculous in the least. If you need help coping or advice on helping your daughter through this, there is a Pet Loss Support Hotline via the Iowa State Veterinary Medical College that is free and available for those dealing with the loss of a pet.
    here's the link with the phone number:

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    So sorry, RGal........pets are very special. I still mourn that death of my cat, who died seven years ago at the age of 17. 42

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    Re: Lost Punzie

    <span style="color:red;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">Day 2, and we are doing better, although still sad. I couldn't bring myself to go yet to the vet to pick up her cage. We keep looking up at the little table her cage was on, expecting to see her... My daughter is doing much better, honestly I'm surprised (she's doing better than my husband). She tells me she misses Punzie, and I say "Me, too." We keep talking about all the fun things we did with her and are planning on getting two of our own rats for my husband's birthday in a couple of months (we will surprise him). They will never take Punzie's place in our hearts of course, but I'm sure we can find another place in our hearts for these wonderful creatures.

    Thanks so much for all your kind words; you've helped me so much--truly you have.


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    Re: Lost Punzie

    I also send my condolences to you and your family. I've been there too, having endured the loss of several beloved pets over the years. I hope you do get a new pet -- not to "replace" the one you lost, but to add to your life. When my husband and I lost our dog, that very day we went out to the shelters to find a new pet, but we discovered it was too soon, that no one measured up to my beloved Pookie, so we waited a bit. After hard experience, I don't recommend going the very same day, but I DO recommend getting a new pet in the near future.
    Hang in there.


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    Re: Lost Punzie


    So sorry to hear about your loss. Big or small, a pet is a pet--you love them and care for them and they become part of your family. I still shed a tear here and there for my cat who died a couple years ago (he was 16 1/2) and I think of him often--I have two truly wonderful cats now but there will always be a spot in my heart reserved for him...

    Take care...


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