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    Who's Going

    Who's going and where are you staying.
    I am going and staying at the Abraham Lincoln
    Hard to beleive it's only about 3 months away

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    I'm going for a day trip to see the FD and the Ladies FS and hopefully the exhibithions

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    I will be going for the whole event. I know that the practice's start on Thursday. Does anyone know the shchedule for that day? My tickets say 9 am. I know there are no competions that day. The website does not post anything for the practice on this day. The other practices start at like 7 am and wow that's early.

    I am not sure where I am staying yet. I might drive home on Thursday night since I am only about 1 1/2 hours away in New Jersey. I am actually staying at the Comfort Inn about two miles away since I have three free nights there (well...let me change mother does!!!). She is also coming with me to the events. The Abraham Lincoln kept telling me it was sold out when I tried to make reservations on line for that weekend!!

    Maybe we can meet up one day there. Although at a 7 am practice only the diehards are there so it won't be hard to tell who we are.

    I do plan on brining my camera and I will take pictures that I can post for people to see (once i figure out how to do it!!)

    And yes I can't believe that it is only 3 months away!!

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    I'm pretty sure I will be present for this event.

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    I will be there, but only for the competition, and not the exhibition. I am staying at the Sheraton.

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    i'm going for the day on Saturday.

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