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Thread: *opens door* AHH!! SNOW!!!!!!!

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    *opens door* AHH!! SNOW!!!!!!!

    So much snow here in NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If tomorrow was school day, I woulda rejoiced for a school closing. But I have a week off this week. :D

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    Re: *opens door* AHH!! SNOW!!!!!!!

    You can come over and help me shovel my driveway. My house is located in the middle of a 1 acre lot. That driveway is long and my snow blower's busted.

    Usually my neighbor helps out with his, but with the amount of snow expected, I'll be lucky if he has time to help.

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    Re: *opens door* AHH!! SNOW!!!!!!!

    OK, you two win. Y'all got more snow now than I do.

    However, I don't even bother opening the door to see snow. The window seems to show a constant flurry. At least the weather types are promising 30's and maybe even 40's for the rest of the week. I am soooo tired of winter!

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    Re: *opens door* AHH!! SNOW!!!!!!!

    I have a little over 2 feet here in PA, and the weather forecasters (sp?) say we could get a few more inches then rain this weekend. Thankfully, my daughter & son-inlaw came over yesterday to dig me out somewhat. Good thing I let them borrow our Blazer! My daughter shoveled me a path to my mailbox/newspaper box but couldn't get rid of all the snow in front of the boxes. My son-inlaw was a sweetie and got most of the snow off the top of my trailer-my husband always worries about the heavy snow being up on the roof. Never seems to fail, that we get weather like this while hubby's on the road. We live on a main route (esp. for truckers) and really appreciate all the snow removal work that the state/county trucks do but I wish they wouldn't pile all that snow on top of Mother Nature's load in front of my mailbox. Man, that's a bummer-well over 4 foot high now. :rolleyes:

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    Re: *opens door* AHH!! SNOW!!!!!!!

    Ugh - just heard about the rain forecast. Probably end up with flooding all over NJ.

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