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Thread: What is the prettiest face shape?

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    What is the prettiest face shape?

    I choose oval, IMO, it is the perfect face shape, almost any hair or frame style suit the oval shape face. Michelle Kwan has a perfectly symmetrical oval shape. Mona Lisa Fumie (Sugar) Suguri, and Sarah Hughes also have oval shape face. Skaters with oval shape face communicate warmth, and embraces her audience.

    Triangular Narrow at top: Chinese Soprano Huang Ying

    BTW, does she ever smile?

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    Re: Sorry for the non working links, try again

    Another fascinating topic for me to study, Eltamina. I voted for Michelle, of course. I am studying the first Michelle picture right now. Can we vote for the perfect body shape, too?

    OK, so my girl Huang Ying isn't pretty and she can't sing (mentioned on the "skin" thread). Still, there's something about her...

    In the Ashford link, did you think that the illustration for the oval face was just a little too heavy in the jaw? I could also go for a pretty, round Yuka Sato face (aka an Elena Berezhnaya face, or an Annette Funicello face).


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    Huang Ying and smiles

    OK, so my girl Huang Ying isn't pretty and she can't sing (mentioned on the "skin" thread). Still, there's something about her...

    Sorry, MM, I don’t mean to sound critical of your girl. I didn’t say she can’t sing, goodness, she can sing, she won second place in some international competition. I sampled the Peony Pavilion (a non traditional opera) tracks. I thought her voice was thin, but I did not listen to the real cd, so I could be wrong. I thought her notes were not as clean as could be. You can prove me wrong; I believe there is a computer program that analyzes the accuracies of singer/ instrumentalist’s notes to see e.g. whether an intended high C is actually hit right in the middle of the frequency. (BTW, someone analyzed Sarah Chang, and Sarah girl did very well). Maybe you can do the same for HY. In summary, I like your girl, I just have not cultivated an appreciation for her artistry yet.

    I didn’t say she isn’t pretty, I just said why she doesn’t smile. I have the same complaint about Hahn and Chang, my favorite violinists. Hahn never smiled for any of her cd covers.

    and look at the latest Mendelssohn cd cover:

    Chang used to smile, and then maybe as part of growing up, she decided not to smile.

    look at her latest Fire and Ice cd cover

    Now I have to talk about my other favorite violinists

    Look at how pretty Chee Yun is when she smiles

    Rachel Barton, smiles through adversity.

    and this cd cover is taken in 97 after her a injuries.

    Her story was featured in CBS 60 mins.

    In 1995, a rising star at 20, she was riding the Chicago E, and had her patron's violin “ex Lobkowicz” 1617 amati in a backpack style carrying case. She had the violin on her back, was exiting the train and the doors closed on the violin with Rachel on the outside of the train and the case on the inside of the train. The train pulled away, the sensors not picking up that "something" was in the doors. Rachel was dragged under the train, and lost both legs. She may have been able to get away unscathed, but she was fighting to get the violin. The defense attorneys were saying that this was why she shouldn't be compensated for her injuries, because if she had let go of the instrument, she may not have been hurt. However, if the doors of the train HAD worked properly, they would not have closed shut, as they would have "sensed" something in them. Apparently this sort of thing had happened before on the Chicago system, and this was the prosecution's winning point.

    She is blessed though, that she can still play and because of her efforts the Amati was saved for future generations. Rachel prefers not to have a big deal made about her injuries and that her music is judged on its own merits, as it should be.

    Back on topic, I will spend the next day analyzing the shape of the violin babes faces. It is good brain food.

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    Re: Huang Ying and smiles

    I love a heart shaped face.

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    Re: Heart-Shaped Faces

    Our twinness rules again, Rgal. I was just wondering about the list of choices, "Where's heart-shaped?" Liz Taylor--okay, the young Liz--had one of the most beautiful heart-shaped faces ever, IMO.

    Note that 0] is the only Emoticon that doesn't have a round face. What is this? Prejudice against heart-shaped faces?:lol:

    BTW Eltamina, you are the Queen of Links. I don't know how you find them all, but you sure find a lot!

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    r181 thanks

    for the compliment.

    BTW, go over to the eltamina SOI tickets thread start by MM, and give me your expert opinion whether I should buy that c@str@to or not.

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    Re: r181 thanks

    Simple, the prettiest shaped face is the one with the sincerest smile! 42

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    Re: Prettiest Shaped Face

    Aww, 42. But I think I can "awww" you one better: The prettiest shaped face is your mother's.

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    Re: Prettiest Shaped Face

    I can out-aww you all. The prettiest face shape is the one buried in your lap <img src=""/> .

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    Re: Prettiest Shaped Face

    ................. <img src= ALT=":o"> 42

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    Re: Prettiest Shaped Face

    :rollin: Fetal, that might get an <span style="color:red;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:medium;">"ahhhhhhoooowwWWOOOOOAAAAHHaahhhhh!" </span>:smokin:
    but I don't know about an "awww." :rollin:

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    Re: What is the prettiest face shape?

    Apparently both Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant have the "prettiest" face shape. They have been both voted as the most beautiful faces and are still holding the record.


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    Re: What is the prettiest face shape?

    Not only does Michelle have an beautiful oval-shaped face, but also, according to Trident Sugarless Chewing Gum, she also has the "best smile among all female athletes." Tiger Woods won for male athletes.

    Here's a link to Angie's board to prove it.


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    Re: What is the prettiest face shape?

    <em><span style="color:teal;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;">Not only does Michelle have an beautiful oval-shaped face, but also, according to Trident Sugarless Chewing Gum, she also has the "best smile among all female athletes."</span></em>

    <span style="color:red;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;">Oh, well, then it MUST be true. Who am I to argue with Trident Sugarless Chewing Gum? (BTW, do they have any kind of contract with MK or Tiger?)</span>

    <span style="color:maroon;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;">Honestly, does everything have to turn into a "Michelle is the best _____" (fill in every single freaking blank) ? Actually, in rereading this thread, it's clear from the first post that the entire thread was started not so much as a real question but so that Eltamina could post that she thinks Michelle's face shape is the prettiest and give everyone else a chance to agree or disagree with that statement. Of course she has every right to post whatever thread she wants. </span>

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