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Thread: Soprano Sumi Jo news

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    Soprano Sumi Jo news

    Remember Michelle Kwan skated to Beautiful World sung by Jo?

    We are used to dealing with singers who are indisposed and there's no question that the role of Lucia is in the stratosphere of vocal demands. We deeply regret her decision not to fulfil her contract."

    Maybe it is not the vocal demands of Lucia di Lammermoor, maybe it is the scary mad scene?

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    Re: Soprano Sumi Jo news

    So does this qualify her as a diva?


    PS. Sumi JO is <em>Italian</em>?

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    Re: Soprano Sumi Jo news

    Diva or not? Lets give her " one get out of singing Lucia" free card.

    She is Korean, I guess she lives in Italy.

    Takako is Japanese and she lives in HK, and has a second home in New Zealand.

    Hop Sing was a Chinese and he lived in Tx?

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    Re: Soprano Sumi Jo news

    As I was just so forcefully and unforgivingly reminded, Hop Sing lived in NEVADA.:lol:

    My Mom was born in a little town called Avery Idaho. For a few years it was a railroad boom town, because it was the place where the Northern Pacific and the Great Northern railways hooked up in the Bitterroot Mountains. The two lines had different gauges or something, so everybody had to change trains there.

    Most of the railroads in the Western U.S. were built by Chinese laborers. But sometime in the 1920's the U.S. government entered into an agrement with Japan to kick the Chinese out of Idaho and replace them with Japanese, in exchange for some kind of deal involving tariffs on Japanese silks. So this little town was about half Japanese. It was the only town in America which celebrated the birthday of the Japanes emperor as an official municipal holiday.


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    Michelle's most favorite book

    at one time was

    Snow Falls on Cedar?

    Is this story set in Avery Idaho?

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    Re: Michelle's most favorite book

    San Pedro Island (Washington State).

    by David Guterson

    1995 Winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction Pacific
    Northwest Booksellers Association Award
    This novel is set on San Pedro Island off the coast of Washington in 1954. Kabuo Miyamoto, a member of the island's Japanese-American community, is on trial for the murder of Carl Heine, a fellow fisherman. Heine's boat was found drifting one morning, with his body entangled in a net. While the death initially appeared accidental, bits of circumstantial evidence accumulate that seem to implicate Miyamoto.
    Miyamoto's family was unjustly cheated out of some land by Heine's mother during the time the island's Japanese community was incarcerated in a "relocation camp" in California during the War. The dead man's traumatic head wound appeared suggestive of a Japanese "kendo" blow. Carl Heine's blood type was found on a wooden gaff on Kabuo Miyamoto's boat.

    As the trial proceeds, the story of Carl, Kabuo, and what happened that night gradually evolves, as does the tale of Ishmael Chambers, the local newspaper reporter, who had a "charmed love affair" with Kabuo's wife when they were both adolescents, just before the Japanese families were sent away in 1942. It is clear, however, that this is more than a story of one man's guilt or innocence; it is a story of a community's fear and prejudice against the Japanese-Americans in its midst.

    An appropriate choice of favorite book for a recent honoree of the Tolerance Museum.


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    Re: Michelle's most favorite book


    I was really moved when I read Snow on Cedars. I am glad to hear it is honored by the Tolerance museum.

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    Re: Michelle's most favorite book

    I meant that <strong>Michelle</strong> was honored by the Museum of Torerance.


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    Re: Michelle's favorite book

    "Snow Falling on Cedars" is also a 1999
    Yes, I took "most" out of the phrase "Michelle's most favorite book." I didn't want GrGranny to have to see it

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    Re: Michelle's favorite book

    There's a soundtrack CD!

    Does Michelle have it?

    Does she want it for a birthday present?

    Is it any good for skating?

    I'm off to the record store. See you in a couple of hours!


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    birthday present for Michelle

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Does she want it for a birthday present?[/quote]

    Of course she wants a present.

    Great idea for a Birthday gift.

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