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    sk8ing lady2001

    Did you know

    Today is Kristi Yamaguchi's birthday. Better almost a day late than never. Happy Birthday to her!

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    Re: Did you know

    Of course I knew! Whenever my wife wants to embarrass me in public, she asks, "Quick, when is Kristi Yamaguchi's birthday?"

    I say, "July 12!"

    "Quick, when's mine?"

    "Um, uh...wait, don't tell me!"


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    Re: Did you know

    Kristi is 32 years old! Hard to believe it - I remember her as a young 16-year-old competing at Skate America back in 1988, where she won the bronze medal and gave notice to the world that she was a major skating talent of the future.

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    lil icesk8er915

    Re: Did you know

    Happy Birthday Kristi!

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