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Thread: Valentine day attitudes.

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    Valentine day attitudes.

    At this time, just two weeks before Valentine day, let's see what people think about the great romantic commercialism day.

    Valentine day is:

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Valentine's Day was the day my husband proposed to me 21 yrs ago, so I find Valentine's Day to be romantic (I make sure it is )

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    I get a kick out of people who feel sorry for themselves on Valentine's Day because they're not with someone.

    I see nothing wrong with Valentine's Day but it would be simple to buy flowers and candy on any other day of the year as well.

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Psh! :rolleyes:

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    Blue Bead

    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Well, yes, it is over-commercialized but I participate anyway. I make a wonderful personalized card for my husband each year. HE actually SAVES them, and either cooks for me or takes me out to dinner!

    Blue Bead

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    My husband has been giving me mechanical, stuffed critters that sing on Valentine's Day for the last five years. I stick batteries in them and place them around the house. Every once in awhile one of them gets squeezed by a family member, and we get treated to a mechanical version of Elvis singing "Hound Dog" or some other silly song........I can't wait to get number 6!!!

    Hey Blue Bead, hope you stay out of "lurkdom" and keep posting........welcome..........42

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    I think it's just a Hallmark/FTD holiday. The entire day gives me an attitude. My Charming Spouse of 21 years feels the same way. (Good thing about that, huh?)

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    For a lot of years, my husband didn't pay any attention to it.
    When we were in Maine, the big boss, a good friend of ours, told him he'd better do something and he sent flowers. I still have the little red plastic box they were in. After that, I thought, well, it's not fair to expect something if you're not giving something too, so I started getting something for him.
    I started getting him some wild bikini shorts and he loved them. Up until the last few years, he usually bought me something or sent flowers. Think I'll just buy myself some flowers this year. Walmart has pretty good ones and I prefer to arrange them myself. I'm not very good but hate to pay someone else to do it. I'm cheap. (really, I'm broke)

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Actually, Valentines' day can be traced back to the early Romans and it is considered a pagan ritual. Like Christmas, it has become a tradition and is mostly controlled by the commercial retail outlets.

    Here is a site explaining the history of Valentines' day:


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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Well, I don't know what to do for Valentine's day. We don't want to go out to eat because the restaurents will be too busy. We still have candy left over from Christmas. Flowers are nice but very expensive for somethink that will just dye. I would wrap myself in celophane but I don't think anyone desirves that regardless of what day it is. Any ideas?
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Hi Daniel (and Lulu)

    Skip the cellophane. How about a gourmet meal? and/or some nice wine to celebrate the day without a noisy restaurant or chocolate or soon-to-die-flowers?

    Do you cook? Does your partner? (maybe you can hint and GET the gourmet treatment) I suspect all Lulu will do is beg for anything that smells good to her. There is always take-out.....

    I remember one of the most romantic evenings involved a movie on tv and microwave popcorn.


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    Re: Valentine day attitudes.

    Flowers will last a lot longer if you get a blooming plant.
    Azaleas are beautiful and they're in bloom right now.

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