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Thread: The Winslow Boy on IFC 2-2-03

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    The Winslow Boy on IFC 2-2-03

    "The Winslow Boy" is one of my favorite gentle little movies and ironically it was directed, though not written, by David Mamet-- and not one naughty word in it. As I said on another thread it is based on an actual incident that occurred in Great Britain in the early 1900s. Nothing earth shattering. Just a good, well-made little film about integrity--with a little romance on the side

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    Re: The Winslow Boy on IFC 2-2-03

    I saw this movie and thought it was great.


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    Re: The Winslow Boy on IFC 2-2-03

    I hoped you would see this movie, Lad, since I thought you might like it. Glad you did. I just found out watching it Wednesday (for about the 10th time:lol: ) that this story has been made into about four or five different films. I like the quiet intensity over a seemingly insignificant incident and how the pursuit of justice (or "right" as they say in the movie) affects the various characters. I love the relationship between the aging father and his young son; I find it very sweet without being sentimental. I know it's the kind of movie a lot of people would see and think, "What was the big deal? All that fuss over a 'nothing' problem!" but I think the whole point was that often what seem like "nothing" problems in life are indeed important.
    BTW, nice photo of Karen Magnussen:D

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