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Thread: Gollum and the Oscars

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    Gollum and the Oscars

    A question has been raised about the character Gollum in LOTR: The Two Towers. Should he (the actor Andy Serkis) be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar?

    This question has been raised before: Robin Williams' performance in Aladdin. The difference here is that Williams did voice work only. Serkis, however, performed all of the movements and mannerisms of Gollum, as well as the voice. Yes Gollum is a CGI character. But Serkis acted out the entire part just as an actor would for any conventional role. If it weren't for him Gollum would never have been so life like.

    I think Andy Serkis should be nominated. Of all the movies I've seen in the past year it's his performance that stands out most in my memory. Gollum was the movie!

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    Re: Gollum and the Oscars


    That's a tough one, since there are so many outstanding movies and performances to choose from this season. It will be an interesting Oscars.


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    Re: Gollum and the Oscars

    I vote FOR the nomination.

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    Re: Gollum and the Oscars

    I say YES, he "was" the movie. Go Gollum!

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