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    The Hours

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:century gothic;font-size:medium;">Possibly, the best movie I have seen this year and for sometime to come. At first, I was a bit confused as to "who was who" (especially Nicole Kidman!) Nicole plays Virginia Wolf and is unrecognizable. Both Julianne M-o-o-r-e (the name that is forever banned here -) and Meryl Streep turn in stunning performances - as does Ed Harris. This is one you don't want to miss. Bring lots of kleenex - if you are the sentimental type - like me!

    The music score is by Philip Glass and is hauntingly beautiful.


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    I have yet to see the movie(i really want to though!!!), but i read the book a few months ago, and that was great, so i can't wait to see the movie!

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    Re: The Hours

    What do you think about the Philip Glass score (parts of it, of course) for skating? Glass has been used a lot in dance and has done scores for more "indie" movies, but I think this is his first real mainstream film score. I'm hoping that perhaps the film's popularity (I haven't seen it yet, just heard parts of the score in a preview) will prompt a skater to use Glass's music, but I'm curious to hear your opinion.

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    Re: The Hours


    I thought about this myself, but I would really have to listen to the soundtrack again. It's hard to say - the music is a piano score and very complex. It would take a really top skater to interpret it well - say Jeff Buttle for instance. I really want to hear the music again - maybe even see the movie again as well.


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