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Thread: Skating games for coaches who work beginners?

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    Skating games for coaches who work beginners?

    I just recently started coaching a canskate beginner group, and I was wondering if anyone had any games to share that will be fun for the kids as well as improve their skills?

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    You could do a version of red rover. When they are called over, they would be required to show a skill - whether it be skating forward, backward, stroking or an actual a shoot-the-duck, bunny hop, mohak ect.

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    i have seen coaches do a lot woth markers on the ice for the little kids. They draw flowers and clouds and stuff and the kids have to skate from one picture to the other.

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    I don't skate so these may not even be good suggestions, but what about:

    red light/green light-to help with learning to stop (not sure how beginner the class is)
    Simon Says-but with skating moves (simon says skate backwards, simon says do a 3-turn-etc)

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    I don't know if kids still like this game, but we used to do "put your left arm in, take your left arm out..." the "hokey-pokey." Pretty mild but it teaches kids balance and coordination.

    I am sure there are plenty of games that Skate Canada can suggest.

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    Have you tried "fishy, fishy, come on over" (also known as "cat/dog" or "british bulldog")? We played this in hockey practices and my figure skating kids love it too--coach (the "shark") starts in the middle and kids at the boards--when you tell them to "come on over" they all skate like mad towards the boards and you tag a few of them, who then also become "sharks", until everyone has been tagged. Last one tagged starts the next game as the "shark." For some reason everyone's skating improves tremendously when they're playing this game as opposed to just skating on the circles!

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