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Thread: Pairs Team Vlassov and Meekins Announces Split

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    News Pairs Team Vlassov and Meekins Announces Split

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    I'm confused by what the article said about their "size difference" being the biggest reason that they are splitting. She's 5'3" and he's 5'10". Most of the other teams have a much bigger size difference. He states that they can't do the big moves other teams are doing and that he injured himself while executing one of their elements. Should the article say that they don't have enough difference in size??

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    It would have been - she loses weight or he takes bodybuilding seriously. They both will be good 'catches' for other partners.


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    I'm ignorant when it comes to pairs, so forgive me. Is the problem that there is too much of a difference in height or that she is "larger" (I hate saying that...she looks fine but this is skating after all) or he is not strong enough...clarification please...

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    I'm not surprised at all. I frankly didn't think they would last past '06 Nats. That's not said meanly, it's just based on my observations. From what I saw in St. Louis and since then in pics, it looks to me like Julia does not have the ectomorphic frame typical of so many female pairs skaters. She's more of your "average" build or mesomorph body type. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a fact. The fact that Drew is not a "big hulkin' guy" is along the same lines.

    I know one other pair personally that is having the same problem. The guy is an average to small size guy and the girl is an average build/height girl. He's stopped growing and she hasn't. She has reached her structural (i.e. bone build) "maturity" so to speak and thus, a lot of pair moves are not possible for them anymore like they were when they were younger. It happens. It's nothing to do with her loosing weight or him bulking up. It's not going to happen.

    I wish both Julia and Drew luck in the future.

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    In pairs, weight and height are important. Such a shame, but I am sure they'll find suitable partners or new ventures.

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    This was Drew's fourth shoulder dislocation (see his USFS bio) so size most likely was an issue for them. I hope they both continue on and find partners. I enjoyed their performances together.

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    Another victim of COP since they can no longer do the big moves 'big' enough. The big guy with the little lady has been he trend for a long time now, but there was still opportunity for teams with a less disparate size difference. Now, we'll never have another Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyang View Post
    Another victim of COP since they can no longer do the big moves 'big' enough.
    Well, Drew and Julia had big, consistent triple throws and the best back outside death spiral on the planet. Their lifts got high levels. The ONLY thing that her size prevented was a high triple twist. I thing CoP totally overvalues twists, since they're not really a skating skill at all. And I think back outside death spirals should be worth much more than inside. They're much harder.

    Watch their 2007 Nationals LP on the internet (just search for their names on the video site I don't know if we're allowed to mention).

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