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Thread: Broadway on Ice

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    Broadway on Ice

    Anyone seen or heard of this show? It stars Dorothy Hammill and Brian Boitano.

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    they did those in the 90s too... Josee was in Grease.... IIRC

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    I saw this in Dec of 05. The version that I saw had Dorothy Hamil and Davis Gaines(?) and some comedian guy. The skating quality was great. However, it was not very well put together. The ensemble skating was great in itself. Dorothy was great by herself. The singer was great by himself. The comedian was eh. But there was no continuity (sp?). The different segments were just that, different segments and didn't mesh at all.

    Overall, if you like the skater that is featured on the stop near you and like lower level show ensemble skating, then I'd say go. Maybe not get the most expensive tickets. But that's just me. The closest stop to me is two hours away and has Dorothy and some guy I've never heard of listed, so I won't be going this year.

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    The Broadway On Ice Show has been cancelled.
    According to this 11/30/07 article, low ticket sales.

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    That's too bad-I would have loved to go see it!

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    I saw a version of this show several years ago and I enjoyed it. The show was held in a theatre and the stage was frozen. It was really neat.

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    Broadway On Ice not cancelled

    The article on the closing of Broadway On Ice is about the cancellation of some of the shows in Texas.

    I saw this show last weekend in Albuquerque (Rio Rancho, actually) New Mexico.

    We originally bought tickets to see Dorothy Hamill, but she dropped out of this performance and was replaced by Nancy Kerrigan. I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but she won me over. Her last number to "Wicked" blew me away. I'm a for-sure Nancy fan now.

    The rest of the ensemble cast were very good, and the EDGES were incredible. The ice was small, so they really needed those edges to get around. Costumes by Jef Billings were great. Everyone in the cast showed a lot of energy and style.

    I usually do not like anything that interrupts skating, but the comedian was very talented, and well-received by the audience.

    And hey, Broadway music -- can't go far wrong. All in all it was so much better than we had expected.

    As a long-time skating fan, I say, "If you get a chance to see it, go; you won't regret it."

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    Thanks for the review, Sarahjane.

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