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Thread: Adult Nationals?

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    Adult Nationals?

    Has anyone heard any buzz on Adult Nationals? One of my friends has told me several different rumors regarding the qualifications for entry changing this year--i.e., eliminating the ability to qualify for Interpretive through dance testing, requiring entrants to qualify at sectionals (or do I mean regionals???). Any truth to this? Thanks...

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    There were no changes on the docket at GC, so whoever started that rumor is just doing that -- starting a rumor!!

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    No ... the only change is that you can enter 2 artistic/interp events at AN's( 1 dramatic and 1 comedic/character) so long as you don't enter a total of more than 4 events in all. As always if a skater has passed silver dances there are put in with Master's skaters. A master's skater is one who has passed their gold fs/int fs or higher. The only qualifying events are champ gold/ champ masters fs, champ pairs and champ gold dance. You qualify at the adult sectionals same as the children top 4 move on the AN's in those events. There are still open events based on level and age adult and masters at AN's as well as, the Champ events.

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