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Thread: Irina Slutskaya becomes a mom - article

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    Post Irina Slutskaya becomes a mom - article

    I know we've already had a thread on this, but it had a link to FSU, which not everyone can read. Therefore, here is a separate thread with an article translation.

    It's not for naught that a famous skater Irina Slutskaya went to one of the capital's birthing clinics on Tuesday. Yesterday morning, the athlete became a mom!

    Slutskaya and her spouse Sergei Mikheev were expecting a girl, but they got a boy. The little one's weight is 2300 grams[1], and he measures 47 centimeters[2]. The skater had a scheduled Cesarean.

    Slutskaya joked that she’ll be giving birth live on the “Ice Age” show which she hosts. However, the project organizers did after all send the celebrity on maternity leave.

    The athlete herself is well. She is in the ICU following the birth, but is being transferred to a separate room today. Due to the newborn’s low birth weight, he will probably spend some time in the ICU. Irina has not yet chosen a name for the baby.

    On Tuesday, Irina visited the clinic, and went to the shooting of “Ice Age”, where she felt great, and briskly moved around the MosFilm corridors. However, Irina didn’t take part in the filming of that episode. On Tuesday, the show organizers did a New Year’s Eve that will only be shown on screens on the very eve of the holiday. That evening had to be special, so it was decided to switch hosts for one episode. Anna Semenovich swapped in for Irina; otherwise, it would appear that Slutskaya were still pregnant on screen, while she was no longer so in reality.

    November 16, 2007

    [1] 5.1 pounds
    [2] 18.5 inches

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    congrats to her! hope that she and her son are doing OK!

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    Congrats to Irina and her husband. Hope we get to see pictures soon!

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    Congratulations for them !
    Hope all the family will be home soon...and that we get to see some pictures....

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    Thanks for the translation, Ptichka.

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