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    Post Article - Kevin van der Perren -

    "Belgium's Best"
    11/27/07 article from SkateToday, by Barry Mittan:

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    I've been a fan of Kevin since I first saw him spot his jumps. I used to think, if he would stop that spotting, he would easily make a quad. He did!

    I think he came into his own this season so far. A well earned silver in Canada and an arguably 'wuzrobbed' bronze in St.Petes.

    Although he has the body for white tights, I believe he should die them a shade of brown, and that gold jacket be replaced with a white flowing blouse. The gold jacket could be used with a tune from La Bayadere next season.

    I'm looking forward to a podium finish in Euros along with Brian and maybe Lutaie if not Griazev.


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    Lambiel will be atleast silver at Europeans. He has already improved enough by Cup of Russia, and will improve more, he isnt going to be beaten by the likes of Van Der Perren by then (and his scores from Cup of Russia would easily beat Van Der Perren).

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    Not a fan, but KvdP sounds like a pleasant guy.

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    Thanks for posting; any info about this cutie is much appreciated...

    I must agree with Joe's comments about a potential costume overhaul; I don't think the white and gold combination is really his color scheme -- and he's showing a little bit too much chest, which I find inappropriate for competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hsuhs View Post
    Not a fan, but KvdP sounds like a pleasant guy.
    Yes, he really is. A real gentleman, always with a complimentary word for everyone.

    I hope he makes the Grand Prix Final.

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    Thanks for the link. I like Kevin, and hope he makes the GPF, does well in Europeans and Worlds.

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