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Thread: Christmas At Rockefeller Center

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    Christmas At Rockefeller Center

    Hey guys,

    Jeanie mentioned that a pair (or dance) team was on the special last night. Was it anyone interesting, did anyone see it? How was it? I missed it LOL I usually catch it but I was caught up with a phone call to a friend.

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    Are you confusing it with the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show that was presented on NBC last night? If so, the skaters who were shown (very briefly) were AP McDonough and Jonathan Hunt (according to a poster at FSU).
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    That's it! Wow, thanks I had no idea AP teamed up w/ Jon! I'll have to check that out!

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    I know Johnathan was working in the Radio City Show for the Chritmas holidays I had talked to him briefly during Mid Atlantics in 2006. He said he was also looking for a partner. I suggested Katy Taylor and he said every guy looking for a partner wants Katy but she wont give up singles.

    I saw Johnathan in the GP in Pittsburgh some years ago and I can say he knows Pairs and did more than a workman like job. If Ms McDonough is serious about returning to competitive skating, it should be a very competitive team. I hope it happens.

    BTW, Bryant Part (the one by the Library) has an ice rink in the winter and they celebrated the holidays on CBS with Todd Eldrige, who skated very cautiously. Why I don't know.


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