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Thread: do you notice your rink is packed?

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    do you notice your rink is packed?

    I skated when I was young in Toronto and London Ontario - had great coaches as well. I now have a child in skating and the rink is just packed with kids. I was shocked. There is a waiting list for coaches. Is this the norm????

    I really liked going skating when I knew the names of all the skaters on the ice...a very homey feeling. Is that gone in skating?

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    it depends on the rink. There is very little ice time in Toronto compared to the amount of people who what ice time. The sessons with younger skaters have alot of skaters on the ice at most clubs. Many clubs have quite alot of skaters at the higher levels as well. The high sessons at my club are packed Mon-Thus and the weekend sessons tend to be really full as well. Really the only non packed ice time is friday nights for more advanced sessons. I've never heard of waiting lists for coaches, but the coaches at the 3 clubs I skate at are booked solid. So yes it is normal to have very, very packed sessons, but it's been like that for my entire time skating and I still know everyone on the ice except for some the much younger skaters who are new and I don't see very often. My home club still has a very homey feeling to it, but it is primarily a syncro club and maybe the team aspect has something to do with that.

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    not here in LA. the frestyle sessions are rather empty. the afternoon public sessions can get crowded, but wiating lists for coaches! wow. it must be like that in japan too.

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    Here in the north east it really depends on where you go. Some places are very crowded and in some rinks, 7 skaters is considered a crowded session. Go figure.

    I like emptier sessions and knowing the other people on the ice. It adds to that hoem club feel.

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