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Thread: Network Replay - Old Radio Programs

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    Network Replay - Old Radio Programs

    For years, CKNW - thanks to Jack Cullen - has played Old Radio Programs, like "Allens' Alley, George Burns and Gracy Allen, X-Minus One, etc. Jack was great. Of course, he has long since retired, but CKNW is still carrying on the tradition. Everynight (pretty much) I am tuned in to hear one of the old shows! Any old time radio fans out there?

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    Not sure what you mean by old radio...I am 33 and grew up with run of the mill radio...I have recently discovered (inthe last 2 years) NPR - National Public Radio, and I am addicted. I also love old music...big band, swing, etc. If one were to look for the old time radio, where could they go to find out what the stions offer? Besides surfing the radio for hours...

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    I'm going to be showing my age here but yes, I do remember radio programs that featured more than the top 40.

    Immediately popping into my mind are programs such as:
    Bell Telephone Hour
    The Shadow
    Our Gal Sunday
    Ma Perkins
    Mr Keane Tracer of Lost Persons
    Westinghouse Theater
    Burns and Allen
    Jack Benny
    Grand Central Station
    Bobby Benson of the B-Bar-B
    Sky King
    The Lone Ranger
    Sargent Preston
    Inner Sanctum
    And my very favorite, Let's Pretend

    And who can forget the seasonal presentation of the Cinnamon Bear!

    Some of these programs are available on CD.

    Lad you mention CKNW; where exactly does this station broadcast?

    And Glacierskater, I too love NPR. Reminds me of Dragnet - no editorializing unless identified, just the facts.

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    oh, for the good ole days...i never lived in them so much, but I appreciate grandma has a magnet on her fridge:

    "These are the good old days."

    It took my years to figure out what it meant, as I had been reading it since I learned to read...

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    Oh, Four Dog, the Cinnamon Bear! the Cinnamon Bear!

    I'll add to your list:

    Dimension X
    Have Gun Will Travel
    Fibber McGee and Molly
    Edgar Bergen and Charley McCarthy (but I think he moved his lips)


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    Fibber McGee & Molly and Ed Bergen and Charlie McCarthy were some of them. Also, Bob Hope had a radio show. I remember one of the naughty things he said was when he had a woman in the audience reach in his pocket for something and she said "I don't feel anything" and he said "reach a little farther and you'll feel nuts". I was a teenager and thought that was just terrible.
    I also remember Art Linkletter had a radio show then too. I still love Big Band music. Absolute favorite. Did you know Merv Griffin was the piano player with Freddie Martin? I think it was Martin. I have such trouble remembering the names of songs. One of them was Ilia K's long program when he won the OGM. I still love that music. 1946 or 47 was Stardust and Ole Buttemilk Skies. Every morning on the way to work I stopped in the cafe for breakfast and they were playing Ole Buttermilk Skies. I always had to rent rooms so had to eat out all the time. Paid from $20 to $25 a month rent. There was a number of times I ran out of money and couldn't eat! I remember calling my parents once and they got really mad about it but they kept giving all my brothers and sisters money all the time.
    I see it says check message length. Is there a rule on length?
    (maybe I'm RGranny again) I want my rollin smiley back!!
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    .........And what about the "soap operas"? I remember listening to "The Guiding Light" when it was on the radio........I am still a fan to this day! 42

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    Mathman: I still have my Silver Star Christmas ornament, albeit a little worse for wear. has the series on CD. There are also some other site that have the items.
    This site has an episode summary.

    This topic got my husband and me wondering if we had listened to the same radio show when we were growing up. We each put together lists and compared them only to find out that our memories were not what they were back in the forties.
    We spent this afternoon on the net looking up names of programs. Can't say this was the most fun we've had in a long time but it sure beat picking out wallpaper. (I know that hanging wallpaper is grounds for divorce in Illinois; I'll have to check on the Texas laws.)

    Anyway here's our walk down memory lane and I have a correction to my previous post - Sergeant Preston should be Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.
    Baby Snooks Show
    Bob & Ray Show
    Boston Blackie
    The Creaking Door
    Dr Kildare
    Dr Christian’s Office
    I Love A Mystery
    The Judy Canova Show
    Our Miss Brooks
    Red Ryder
    The Aldrich Family
    Calling All Cars
    The Falcon
    Adventures of Phillip Marlowe
    Buster Brown Gang
    The Cisco Kid
    Green Hornet
    Lux Radio Theater
    Life of Riley
    Thin Man
    The Whistler
    Major Bowes Amateur Theater
    Lights Out
    I Love Adventure
    Space Patrol
    Story Lady
    Gang Busters
    Gene Autry Show
    Kraft Music Hall
    Amos & Andy
    I Was a Communist For The FBI
    The Saint
    This is Your FBI
    Captain Midnight
    Terry And The Pirates
    Camel Comedy Caravan
    Straight Arrow
    The Fat Man
    Sam Spade

    I must say that for a lot of these, I listened while I was under the covers supposedly sleeping.


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    Hanging wallpaper is grounds for divorce in every state and nation. I believe it's mentioned in the Code of Hammurabi.


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