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Thread: Speed and skating basics

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    Speed and skating basics

    How do you work on increasing speed and get great skating basics?

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    practice, practice, practice. Focuse on using the side of your blade to push and keep it on the ice as long as possible to get more speed. Focus on checking your upper body properly on turns to keep you edges clean

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    Really use your knees. Watch the ice dancers warm up - you will see what I mean. The deeper the knee bend the better the flow.

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    repetition is the key here. do you crossovers, (both ways, backward and foward) very slowly and deliberalty around the middle circle. really strech each position and think about pointing your toes and getting power from each push slowly ecceleratle. keep going, keeping you body still, and you strokes as neat as when they were slow. depending on your level, your coach should work with you on the USFSA moves in the field tests, which are designed to improve skating skills.

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    Always think about what you are doing.
    Also, if your coach says, go and do a flip, try really hard to make sure that you are polished before the jump. Crossovers are a great idea, but after you get the hang of just doing crossovers, integrate that into your programs and it will turn out great!!!!!!!!!
    Best of luck.

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