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Thread: Speaking of Brad's salary..............

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    Speaking of Brad's salary..............

    What to know how much everyone is making? All your neighbours?

    I found this interesting article. Warning...mostly Canadian Content:

    A Survey of Salaries

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    Speaking of Brad's salary..............


    Interesting. Of course our illustrious PM and his fat cats make more money than anyone in the country - disgusting!

    "Sure, you have perks: There's power, your personal chauffeur, tax breaks and, in some cases, a house. But most of us know politicians could earn piles more money working in the private sector. Still, 2001 was a good year financially. In June, Ottawa approved federal pay increases, which bumped the Prime Minister's salary by 42%, and federal MPs by 20%, bringing the MPs to $131,400.

    Not to mention all the taxes we are hit with. No wonder "the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer."

    How does Prime Minister Cretian sleep at night? Hope he retires soon!

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