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Thread: Skating music for my annual figure skating club show

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    Skating music for my annual figure skating club show

    Hello everyone,
    I have to find a music to skate to for my annual figure skating club show. It has to be a music from a movie between the year 2000 and 2008. It can be any music that you would fit Mao or Yu Na Kim (I really liked Yu Na's exhibition last year on Reflection but it's from the mulan movie from 1998) well. I really like slow music , but it can be fast depends...
    Do you have any ideas for me... ?!
    thanks a lot in advance!
    bibi =D

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    You could try something from Ice Princess. reaching for heaven is one of my favorite songs.
    YOu could try to google it and try to find a list of movie soundtracks and then go from there...........

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    What about the theme song from Music & Lyrics? Nothing like Hugh Grant singing to get the blades going! Way Back Into Love is the name, I think.

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    There is so much great music out there. The Red Violin Soundtrack is one of my all time favs. Memoirs of a Geisha also is beautiful. Music from the movie Alexander has some good material.. esp by Vangelis.

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