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Thread: Abitbol and Bernadis status

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    Post Abitbol and Bernadis status

    Translation w/permission to post by Jane Kittel:

    After 2 months of hesitation and physical tests, they have decided to end their amateur career. As of 26th Sept. they will be the new stars of Holiday on Ice. "Everything went fast", explains Stéphane, "we want to do something else and we just jumped at this opportunity". The show will start in Le Havre for one week, then off to Germany till the beginning of Feb. They will join the list of "famous stars" like Surya Bonaly, Candeloro, Anissina/Peizerat and Katarina Witt, who all have participated in the Holiday on Ice shows. "We've had a beautiful career, which was topped off by the European Gold Medal (remember Nice!), and now we'll be engaged a bit as pros which will also be exciting", says Stéphane.

    They have prepared a new programme "Matrix" on which they have worked very hard and hope to please their fans with it. Besides skating Holiday on Ice they will also do some shows in France.

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    Sad, though not entirely unexpected. I will miss them :(
    I hope they have a wonderful career in pros.

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    That's a shame. I hope they make an appearance on the pro competitve circuit this season.

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    Originally posted by Verbalgirl77
    That's a shame. I hope they make an appearance on the pro competitve circuit this season.
    I agree 100 percent.

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    Sad to see them leave the amateur ranks, since they are one of my favorite pairs. I wish them luck in their professional career.

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    I wish them all the best, but I'm saddened because I really enjoyed this pair.

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    Abitbol and Bernardis status

    I am really depressed , they were my favourite European pair. Suppose Sarah's injury in Salt Lake City gave her the rest.

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