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Thread: Most 6.0s in international comps!

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    I read on the King on Ice site that Plush has gotten 38 6.0s.

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    Hello, I'm new here, too.
    Among 38 6.0s Plushenko got, he got 30 at international competitions (3 for tech and 27 for artistry) and 8 at nationals (all for artistry).

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    This is really impressive! I mean, most of us never doubt the abilities of the skater Plushenko, but we're all lamenting endlessly about his haircut, costumes, choreography and music edits. Obviously he does everything right, at least the majority of international judges look at it that way. :D
    However, Chapeau, Mr. Plushenko!

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    Originally posted by Mathman
    So I guess the "Four Continents" are North America, Asia, Australia (including New Zealand, which sent two skaters!), and Africa.
    I think Australia and New Zealand come in the continent "Australasia". Australia is a country, not a continent.

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    I agree with all those that said Nationals should be treated differently. If a country has a great skater, they throw 6.0s around like candy. Look at Bourne and Kraatz, for example. Twice at Nationals they had all 6.0s for presentation. They are fine skaters, but that was a little much. I'm sure there are many examples like them.

    A 6.0 definitely isn't always a palce holder. When Anissina and Peizerat got four 6.0s for Carmina Burana in 2000, they were the first skaters in their flight. The other three top teams were still to skate.

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    Actually, I think Australia is considered a continent. And WOW, 38 6.0s for Plushenko! That is impressive. He is a skilled skater and I have learned to enjoy him more over the years. I respect that he can (most of the time) put a clean program down with loads of technical difficulty. It also helps that his style has developed quite wonder the judges throw 6.0s at him!
    Yagudin's count is also impressive..certainly considering so many were received at the Olympics and Worlds.

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