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Thread: MK to skate in HK Monday

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    MK to skate in HK Monday

    Here is the news article in Chinese:

    Brief translation on Michelle's iternary:

    8/16 (Sat): Michelle will be in Central Library 2/F to host "Story Telling" session for children.

    8/18 (Mon) 2:45pm, Michelle will be in Tai Koo Shing Skating Palace for a skating exihibition.

    8/19 (Tue) 10:15am, Michelle will be in Tsim Sha Tsui Ocean Terminal for a sneak preview of HK Disney Land.

    luenatic from MKF:
    So Michelle is already in HK. My spy will see if she can make it to the rink on Monday afternoon to tape the exhibition. My spy has to work until 1:45pm so it'll be a little tight. She said she'd try her best. If (and a major if here) I got the tape, I'll upload it. We shall see.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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