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Thread: Customizing myself

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    Customizing myself

    I have a very remedial question. How do you customize yourself on the forum? some people have really neat sayings and pictures. I was wondering how to add some flair to me posintgs. Anyone?


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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Customizing myself

    A Custom Title is the text line in bold beneath your username in a post. Currently, the titles are based upon the number of posts you have made in the Golden Skate. They are as follows:
    (Number of Posts followed by Title)

    1-24 Posts Rinkside
    25-49 Posts On the Ice
    50-74 Posts Tripping on the Podium
    75-100 Posts Medalist
    100+ Posts Custom Title

    As you can see, once you have over 100 posts, the words "Custom Title" will be on the screen. At this point you email Paula at <> and tell her what you want your title to be.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Customizing myself

    You can also give yourself a signature line (like my "inevitable..." below). Go to My Control Center -> Account preferences -> check "Use Custom Signature," then type in whatever you want. Click on "save changes" at the bottom.

    If you include a picture, it has to be on your own server.


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    Re: Customizing myself

    Thanks for the info! I will work my way up to "seasoned poster"!

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