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Thread: Survivor 5/8 - spoilers

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    Survivor 5/8 - spoilers

    We have a new title holder for dumbest Survivor. I cannot believe Eric gave away the immunity necklace. Totally dumb. The ladies had already confronted him about his 'story telling' and he's won several immunity challenges. Why would the ladies not want to eliminate him???

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    I agree Ang about a dumb move on his part but I think the ladies didn't think this through enough. Why not take him to the final 2??? My vote goes to Cirie ...she has controlled this game from day one and yet no one sees that.


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    I think Eric's problem was that he came into the game star struck (oo, oo, look, it's Ozzie -- he is actually talking to me!) So he felt really bad when the ladies said they didn't trust him and acted like the only way they would be friends with him again was if he gave up his immunity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    My vote goes to Cirie ...she has controlled this game from day one and yet no one sees that.
    I totally agree. Cirie is the best Survivor player ever. The only reason she didn't win a million dollars last time around was that she couldn't make fire.

    Somehow or other, in all the scheming and plotting that goes on every week, no one has ever mentioned the name of Cirie as someone they maybe should try to vote out. And when she orchestrates a move to kick someone else out, she always manages to put the blame on someone else (Parvahty, for instance).

    About "dumb moves," that was funny when James said, "My reign is over as the dumbest player in the history of Surviivor." I think Eric even topped Marcellas in Big Brother.
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