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Thread: Webcam advice?

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    Webcam advice?

    Ok guys,

    So I was inspired by my buddy David who had the talk show on youtube w/ Jenny Kirk, and decided I wanted to have my own show LOL just a bunch of rants and blurbs. I have no idea though on what kind of webcam would be good for it! I want something simple, preferably something I can take into another room if need be, though it's not too far away from the computer, but anyway, I don't want to spend a bunch of money. I want to put it on youtube of course, so can you give me advice on what kind of webcam I need? I tried searching online but really couldn't find much that would suit my needs for the price I want to spend, but I did find a nice one with a 6ft long USB cord (great for moving it into the other room), and it's less than $30. Seems nice and simple, but before I get it I want to hear your thoughts, k? Thanks!

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    Probably cheapest:

    If what you want to do is to put a show on youtube, any high quality digital movie camera will work--it doesn't have to be a webcam. In fact, you can do a respectable job with a digital camera that will shoot film clips. My old Olympus will do it. Here's a example clip taken by my husband with an old Olympus digital camera, and uploaded first to my computer and then to youtube. Since then, someone downloaded it and then uploaded it again, which has eroded the quality a bit. The comments on Rachael's skating are not ours.

    Use high res mode and get the largest storage chip you can. You can splice in Windows Movie Maker, which is free in Windows, if you want a show that is longer than about 15 minutes.

    alikasher uses a Canon camera.

    Here's a link to one of her youtube pictures:

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    Wow thanks so much! I am going to check those out and see how much they are. You're great, giving me examples and such, an angel. :D

    (EDIT: After looking at the prices for digital cameras, it is far cheaper to get a webcam.)

    What do you think of this?
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