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Thread: I'll Take Brad's paycheck

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    I'll Take Brad's paycheck


    Never stated I did not like "Everyone Loves Raymond" show; it's fine for actors and anyone in the working world to get what they deserve pay-wise, but when one reads and hears about all the underprivileged people around the globe, I think it is in poor taste to broadcast news like this to the public. If Brad wants to "quibble" with Ray about his paycheck - fine, but keep it private. There are people who can't even afford to put food on their table everynight or have a place to lay their head at night. That's my point.

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    I agree that they should keep it private because in public, it does seem ridiculous when there are people everywhere else who are trying to get by.

    The entertainment programs and channels love these kinds of stories though and they want to get and give as much info as they can. It's also difficult to keep it private then Patricia, Doris, and Peter have to not show up on set in behalf of Brad because the studio and network who handles their paychecks aren't willing listen to most of the cast's demands.

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    The disparity between Ray's and the remainder of the casts' salaries is too outrageous. People were amazed when the Friends' cast went for $1mill/person. The amount of money seems phenomenal to us regular folks.

    One of the reasons that they do get the money is because the production company can sell the re-runs in syndication. There are so many more TV stations competing for the broadcast rights to these shows. The actors are smart for asking for a slice of that pie.

    The other thing I don't understand are athlete salaries. I used to enjoy watching basketball when they used team work - there was nothing quite like the team work of the LA Lakers in the 80's and the Celtics. Now, many players seem out there for themselves - they go for the glory shot instead of the sure shot.

    When did it all get out of hand?

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