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Thread: Elements and Levels?

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    Elements and Levels?

    My 7 year old just completed her first competition over the weekend-- we were a little shocked at some of the elements other skaters included at the same Low Beginner level: Sread Eagles, Sit Spins, Ina Bauers, Backwards Spirals, Full Loops (all things our coach said were not allowed at her level).

    The guidelines for the programs on the registration form were a little sketchy-- is there a good website or resource for learning what elements are allowed at each level of competition?

    Any suggestions about what should or should not be included in a low beginner program?

    thanks! This is the end of our second year of skating so we're still learning.

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    Limted Beginner: 1/2 jumps, salchows, and toe-loops; one or two foot spins, and a footwork and/or spiral sequence.

    Beginner: 5 single jump elements (no axels) and 2 spins (sits and upright allowed).

    The competition announcement usually includes a description of what is allowed at each level.

    I know the rulebook is more specific.

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    The Rule Book doesn't define anything below Pre-Preliminary. You need to read the competition announcement for each competition carefully to see what is allowed for each level. The elements auntmimi listed sound to me like what in my area would be called Pre-Preliminary Low (basically, any single jump short of an axel is allowed, and there are no spin restrictions). Our Beginner event is defined as no free skate tests passed, upright spins only, 1/2 rotation jumps plus salchow and toe loop. We don't offer a Limited Beginner free skate, but I've seen it at other competitions. Again, you have to read the announcement to see how a particular competition is defining these levels.

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    When I competed in first time, I had, lutz. flip-loop. loop, flip toe, and sal. FOr spins I had sit and camel sit.

    That is pretty common for beginner but there are those exceptions...........

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    Some of those were connecting or grace moves. Spread eagles, bauers I think are ok at any level.Spirals too.
    You have to read the forms and see what is listed for the lower levels.We only have non test and pre pre and above.
    sorry couldnt help more!

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