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    Lee Ann Miller

    I don't know if anyone has posted this but I was reading my new IFS magazine and came across an article of Lee Ann Miller who just recently suffered two strokes. She had a neck injury which resulted in a blood clot that traveled to her brain. It goes on the say that she couldn't remember when she had injured her neck. She is continuing physical herapy, but I know once you have a stroke that it is hard to come back 100% if you can at all.

    I had a close friend who at 42 suffered a stroke and even though he was young and made great physical improvements he never regained complete physical movement. Unfortunately he decided that if he couldn't be 100% he didn't want to live anymore. He commented suicide about 2 years ago.:(

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    I'm sorry about your friend dlksk8fan ... that is very tragic.
    I hope and pray Lee Ann recovers completely.

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    That is so terrible, Donna.

    My prayers are with Lee Ann Miller and her family.


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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    This is so terrible. My thoughts and prayers are with them. :(

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    Yikes! poor Lee Ann. If not100 per cent comeback, I hope at least a 99.9 per cent.

    When I was in therapy there were a number of 'stroke' patients working so hard to get back to being sefl-sufficient. So sad to watch.


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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    How very tragic, dlk........I too read the article in IFS about LeeAnn Miller. It looks like she's rallying and will make hopefully a full recovery.........42

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    Hope she gets better soon.

    Was she the one choreographed S&Z's LP this year? Seems Chinese better off with NA chroegrapher. Lulu used Sandra for her 95 and 96 programs both were beautyful choroegraphed. Is there any one know who choreographed S&Z's 2001's SP? IMO, better than this year's.

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    If she got treatment soon, they have a drug that limits the amount of damage. Unfortunately, many people do not get to the ER as quickly as they should in stroke.

    My husband had a stroke in '95, so I know how hard the recovery can be, and even when the patient compensates well, when parts of the brain die, there are always some effects that just don't go away.

    My prayers are with LeeAnn and her family.


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    berthes ghost

    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    "Lulu used Sandra for her 95 and 96 programs both were beautyful choroegraphed."

    Lulu worked with Sandra from 96 to 98.

    Toller Cranston choreographed Lulu's world championship winning programs in 95.

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    Toller also did Lulu's 1995 costumes!

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    Sandra Bezic choreographed Shen & Zhao's Firebird (2000) and Palladio Allegretto (the diamond music) (2001) SP and Spirit of Spring LP.

    Lea Ann Miller choreographed their Olympic programs - SP to Bond's Kismet and LP Violin Fantasy on Turandot.

    I think Tatiana Tarasova choreographed this year's SP to Beethoven's Last Night.

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    She's currently working with Scott and Dulebohn on their new short program to Farandole :-)

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    From what I read in the IFS article, Lee Ann seems to be doing quite well and as Paula said, she is working with Scott and Dulebohn. Stroke patients run an incredible gamut in terms of recovery. With some people, they seem to regain all their faculties (of course they notice differences) and improvement can go on for many years. With other people, the loss of abilities can be truly devastating. Lee Ann is fortunate too in that she has a lot of support from friends and family. I mostly know stroke patients from working in rehab, but I do know that those patients with good support systems are very lucky. Unfortunately, you see some people exhibit some very sad attributes of human behavior. One place I worked was a long term care facility. You don't want to know how many people's family's never came to see them and how many divorce papers were served after it was clear there would be no significant recovery without so much as a phone call. Of course OTOH, you also see great love and devotion between couples and among family. Lee Ann is also fortunate that she was in excellent physical condition when she had her strokes (apparently she had two small ones) as well as having her athletic discipline. I wish her the best. I believe she was only 42 when they happened and she still has a lot to contribute to skating. Also, having something you love to do is the best therapy I know by far.

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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    One of the big problems with stroke is that the person appears the same. People have this disconnect between the appearance of the person and the fact that they have various problems. Some people never make the connection at all and become angry with the stroke patient because of these invisible problems. Some patients never get rehab for problems because no one correctly identifies that the problem is due to stroke.

    And it is amazing what things your brain gets involved in:
    Sweating (Ski nearly stopped sweating on one side of his body and sweat more than usual on the other)
    Coughing-he had to learn how to cough again and is still not very convincing about it.
    Breathing-once in a while he forgets to, even when awake.
    Personality issues-some people become more argumentative, or less calm, more agitated by simple things, some suddenly become extremely foul mouthed when they weren't before, and every possible change you can conceive
    People will lose odd groups of words. One guy lost all the words for dog breeds while retaining all the words for cat breeds.
    Needless to say, LeeAnn could look and act normal and still have some strange problems that only her family will know about .

    Again, best wishes to her. I hope she produces something as amazing for S&Z as Turandot next year.


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    Re: Lee Ann Miller

    Yes, my best wishes to her too! Her choreography for S&Z was really fantastic, and so were the skaters...


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