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Thread: Buttle Bounces Back

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    News Buttle Bounces Back

    Things were looking bad for Jeff Buttle in late 2006. Many thought the Canadian figure skater had reached the zenith of his career by winning the bronze medal at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. In August of the year, he suffered a stress fracture in his back due to over training, and was off the ice entirely for two months. More

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    Thanks, so much for this great article on Jeff. I never gave up on him. He reminded me of Elvis when things were not going so well. As our Canadian commentators used to say "never count Elvis out" now we can say that about Jeff. I can see Jeff as a choreographer in the future, I think it will be a great fit for him.

    Thanks Jeff - you inspire me!!!!

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    Thank you so much for this article on Jeff. Count me in as another one who never gave up on him. I hope he has a great coming season & beyond.

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    If Buttle continues to skate as well as he did in Gotenborg, he will definitely have to be considered for a gold medal especially if he lands a quad. He has the whole package in any system.


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