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Thread: Lutai talks about new programs

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    Post Lutai talks about new programs

    June 9, 1:51 PM

    Andrei Lutai: “The short and free programs are all ready to go!”

    Russia’s 2008 national silver medalist Andrei Lutai has completed his short and free programs for the 2008/09 season in May. Having used foreign specialists at the US training camps, he is now sharing his impressions of working with American choreographers.

    “My spring months were very productive. I took a brief vacation to go away and relax in late March and early April, and then started preparing for the next season with renewed energy. We spent about two weeks training in America in April and May. Both the short and the free are completely ready to go. I won’t open all of my cards yet, but I can say that the compositions are, in my opinion, very interesting and unusual, especially for out figure skating school. Americans see programs a little different, they put them together not like we do; they just have a different vision and understanding of the interaction of music and athlete. The work was very exciting. We spent much time on connecting elements and gliding, coming up with a signature style with interesting transitions, steps, as well as body and arm positions. It was tough, but well worth it.

    It was my first time working with American choreographers. It’s the first time I thought of involving my friends, acquaintances, and even strangers in choosing my music. I put it up on my internet page – I’m looking for the music for my programs, and will be grateful for new ideas. The response was incredible! I got many different interesting compositions. Somebody even broke it down – we take the slow part here to do this, we take the fast part there to do that, this piece will go well with footwork, while that can accommodate jumps, and so forth. All of that was assembled quite professionally, too. I’d like to thank everyone who responded!”

    Quotes from the “All Sport” agency.

    Translation in my journal

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    I think he will do all right with Tom Dickson. Tom did a wonderful piece of choreography for Abbott last season.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Lutai skate his best this coming season.


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    Thanks for the translation

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    Many thanks, Ptichka!

    That's great news. I love his description about asking for suggestions on his website. He seems delighted by the interest and response.

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    Thanks for the translation!

    WOW, he sounds a great guy!!! I will be looking forward to his new programmes eagerly.

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    Ptichka, thank you for being kind to take the time to translate articles here onto your journal and the forum. It is greatly appreciated! Andrei seems like such a nice, cool guy and I wish him the best for coming seasons. That was a very neat idea he had to allow fan input into his programs and musical selections. I am so eager to see his new programs! GO ANDREI!

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