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Thread: Who Are The GS Forum Moderators?

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    Who Are The GS Forum Moderators?

    The list below contains the current moderators of the GS Forum. This is for info purposes only. Please do not contact moderators in private pertaining to board problems - use the "Report Post Feature" ( instead.

    You will find 'Report Icon' ( on posts on the left side under the username and info. These links allow you to alert the board staff to anything which you find to be offensive, objectionable or illegal.

    Current Moderators:
    blue dog
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    Toni was born and raised and still resides in South Central Alaska. In 1989 her family took her to her first Disney on Ice show, where Scott Hamilton was the special guest. After his backflip she was hooked. Toni has never skated seriously, having only ever been on ice skates twice in her life. In 1999 she was introduced to the figure skating fandom growing online, where she finally found her way to Golden Skate. In 2003 - the year she graduated high school - she became one of four moderators with Golden Skate. She also worked on several official webpages for figure skaters while in high school and college, but hasn't worked in any official capacity since 2006. Toni is now a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, wedding and sports photography. Outside of talking figure skating, her interests include travel, Disney, film and the sport of dog mushing (she does not mush, she just takes pictures and works for smelly mushers in the summer time).
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    Doris is a retired IBM engineer, who has adored ice dance since 1975. Her first date with her husband was to go skating. She likes both roller and ice skating, but in the day, she particularly loved doing CD's in public dance sessions at the roller rink, and then translating those dances onto pond ice on the duck pond down the street.

    Her best memory of viewing live competition, bar none, was the ice dance competition at the 1984 World Championships, watching the last amateur performances of Torvill & Dean. These days, dance is still her favorite discipline, but she likes the men's competition as well, because it is always so exciting.
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    Blue Dog is a contracts specialist at UC San Diego whose first encounter with figure skating was to make fun of his male cousin who loved to watch figure skating. Little did he know, he would fall in love with the sport himself after watching figure skaters practicing on center ice during a public session.

    He finds himself preferring to skate in practice sessions than to watch televised competitions. However, his favorite discipline to watch are ice dance and pairs. His favorite skaters are: Weaver/Poje, Shibutani/Shibutani, the Haydenettes, Volosozhar/Trankov, Davankova/Deputat, Akiko Suzuki, Chris Caluza, Caetlyn Osmond, Adelina Sotnikova, and a bunch of adult skaters whom many here wouldn't know (Jan Calnan and Midori Ito amongst them).
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    Mathman is a mathematics professor and research mathematician. His first big-time skating competition – as a spectator! – was 2002 Skate America in his home town of Spokane. The skaters he met there remain his all-time favorites. Men, Vakhtang Murvanidze; ladies, Jenny Kirk and Ann Patrice McDonough (OK, Michelle, too ); Dance, Watanabe and Kido. (They were robbed by Grushina and Goncharov, Navka and Kostomarov, Belbin and Agosto, Chait and Sakhnovski, Gregory and Petukhov, Fraser and Lukanin, and Nussear and Gates – but what do those scalawag judges know?)

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    attyfan is a research and appellate lawyer, working in Ventura California. Her other interests include history (especially Wars of the Roses through and including the Tudors); She got interested in skating following the "post whack boom", where she was converted to Kwanism. She admires Wagner and Zhang, both of whom made and followed through on plans to come back, keeping their heads, and Ross Miner, who appears to be consistent (seemingly a rarity for American men these days). She is another "invisible moderator".
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    Seniorita is a computer engineer and works for the Ministry of Education in a country far, far away. She first saw figure skating on tv back in 1998 and has been glued to it ever since. She has been a fangirl since the Plushy-Yagudin and Irina-Michelle era, but started reading Golden Skates when broadband technology came in town! Her favorite "skating" book is the Silver Skates in its original children edition she's had since primary school!

    Her first live competition was at 2009 Trophy Eric Bombard where she witnessed the Yuna - Mao battle and Javier Fernandez in his very first senior Grand prix skating as a drunken pirate. What impressed her there the most were the KnC and behind the camera fluffs people miss when watching figure skating on tv. She is fond of European Championships (always rooting for Kevin Van de Perren and Kristoffer Berntsson), and the skating friends she meets there each year. She finds (almost) every skater unique but holds a soft spot for the whole Japanese team, European ladies, Russian pair skating, French ice dancing, Lambiel, Aliona & Robin and thinks Plushenko is the Superman!

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