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Thread: Who Are The GS Forum Moderators?

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    Who Are The GS Forum Moderators?

    The list below contains the current moderators of the GS Forum. This is for info purposes only. Please do not contact moderators in private pertaining to board problems - use the "Report Post Feature" ( instead.

    You will find 'Report Icon' ( on posts on the left side under the username and info. These links allow you to alert the board staff to anything which you find to be offensive, objectionable or illegal.

    Current Moderators:
    Mrs. P
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    Doris is a retired IBM engineer, who has adored ice dance since 1975. Her first date with her husband was to go skating. She likes both roller and ice skating, but in the day, she particularly loved doing CD's in public dance sessions at the roller rink, and then translating those dances onto pond ice on the duck pond down the street.

    Her best memory of viewing live competition, bar none, was the ice dance competition at the 1984 World Championships, watching the last amateur performances of Torvill & Dean. These days, dance is still her favorite discipline, but she likes the men's competition as well, because it is always so exciting.
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    Mathman is a mathematics professor and research mathematician. His first big-time skating competition – as a spectator! – was 2002 Skate America in his home town of Spokane. The skaters he met there remain his all-time favorites. Men, Vakhtang Murvanidze; ladies, Jenny Kirk and Ann Patrice McDonough (OK, Michelle, too ); Dance, Watanabe and Kido. (They were robbed by Grushina and Goncharov, Navka and Kostomarov, Belbin and Agosto, Chait and Sakhnovski, Gregory and Petukhov, Fraser and Lukanin, and Nussear and Gates – but what do those scalawag judges know?)

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