View Poll Results: Best Program in Pairs??

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  • Savchenko/Szolkowy: The Mission

    9 4.50%
  • Totmianina/Marinin: Romeo & Juliet

    2 1.00%
  • Shen/Zhao: Violin Fantasy

    21 10.50%
  • Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze: Meditation from Thais

    16 8.00%
  • Gordeeva/Grinkov: Moonlight Sonata

    48 24.00%
  • Savchenko/Szolkowy: L'Oiseau

    5 2.50%
  • Shen/Zhao: The Nucracker

    40 20.00%
  • Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze: City Lights

    19 9.50%
  • Mukhortova/Trankov: Prelude by Rachmaninov

    2 1.00%
  • Other

    38 19.00%
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Thread: PAIRS: Best Program ever??

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    Nov 2009
    +1 for Turandot
    S/S L'Oiseau
    S/S The Mission

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    Voted for G/G because every movement is at the right place, everything flows seamlessly. The plain "monk costumes" add to the effect. It's just them in their simple outfits and the piano sonatas without orchestration. A study in minimalism you could say.

    But I hate polls like this, because B/S' "City Lights" as skated at CoR 2001 was magical as well. And their "Thais" version made me always reserved about the one S/Z did, even though it was also very well done. There was a depth to B/S that IMO S/Z didn't have in their performance. Oh, and I nominate "Lady Caliph" for best SP ever.

    S/Z's "Turandot" for the sheer abandon and emotion they performed it with at Worlds 2003. A truly special moment in skating history IMO.

    All the other performances in that poll are great as well, making people chose is just cruel.

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    I'm going with both Shen/Zhao programs. Thrilling, graceful, powerful and moving.
    I can't possibly choose between the two listed.

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    Why you didnot mention Shen/Zhao Turandot, Mishkutionok/Dmitriev Liebestarum and Sale /Pelletier Love Story????? Havent you seen them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdeal View Post
    Why you didnot mention Shen/Zhao Turandot, Mishkutionok/Dmitriev Liebestarum and Sale /Pelletier Love Story????? Havent you seen them?
    Hence the "other" option....

    But I concur with Mishkutenok/Dmitriev's Liebestraum, that was an excellent LP.

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    My vote is for Hartshorn and Sweiding's Enigma program.

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    Ahhh!! This is a hard one....I absolutely love B/S's Mediation and City Lights to DEATH!! I also love S/Z's Turandot and Nutcracker AND D/M's Liebrestraum......but decision, descion.....ok I am at an absolute standstill with B/S Mediation and City Lights, but I give the edge to City Lights. Their lp was simply innoventive, comedic, and yet so fluid and graceful (plus it doesnt hurt that their "Kid" exhibition to Charlie Chaplin is without a doubt the best pairs' exhibition ever)

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    I watch Nutcracker almost every week, it's very beautful.

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    The Pas De Deux music from The Nutcracker is my most favorite music. It is so emotional. Loved Shen & Zhao's version - G/G had a version they did on a Disney special that was also excellent.

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    S&P - Love Story
    Pang & Tong - The Impossible Dream
    Savchenko and Szolkowy - You'll Never Walk Alone (sad that they ditched it)

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