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Thread: Mao vs Yuna?

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    The only way they are similar is that they are 2 teenagers who have excelled at skating!

    and they compare in the way that people love to compare them!

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    The skating world is so blessed to have two extraordinarily talented ladies who excel in artistry and technique.

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    They are both exceptional. Here's to hoping their bodies will both hold up... Yu Na's especially given her history of back injuries.

    Who will be the bigger "star"? Even though they can both count on being "superstars" in their respective countries (given how popular skating is in Japan and seems to be becoming in Korea), I think a key will be "who can learn to speak English better, sooner".... think Katarina Witt after Sarajevo... (um... lovely, but who?) vs. Calgary... "Carmen speaks!"

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    I think it's almost unfair to compare them outside of competition. They are both wonderfully talented skaters that most people would cut their arm off to be able to skate like them. But as they say, ice is always slippery and accidents can happen, that's why we have competitions to see who holds up under pressure and under different physical circumstances as opposed to who gives in.

    As well as being a figure skater, I'm a trapeze artist. I have the honor of performing with many other brilliantly talented people... but sometimes people make the catch and sometimes they fall into the net. It has nothing to do with the talent they have, just the circumstances and the pressure. Every single time you perform a trick, it is different... whether it be the speed of the approach, the length of the swing, etc. It's about subconsciously or sometimes consciously understanding the difference between the physics and situation you are in to perform a perfect routine.

    It's the same with figure skating... equal talent can be present, but sometimes you just miss that extra understanding of what is different on the ice this time as opopsed to what you have practiced on and the situation you have practiced in.

    Mao and Yu-na should both be applauded for their talents, perserverence, and effort, whether they win or lose, fall or skate cleanly. I think everyone here knows that both skaters have the talent and ability to rock the women's figure skating world, but sometimes you just don't make the catch. So a brava to them both.

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