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Thread: Liberty info and other summer competitions in the U.S. and Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachuusb View Post
    I know I said it before to you and Mr. Ski, but I'll say it again....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for filming and posting the videos for those of us who could not be there I know I as well as MANY others greatly appreciate it Take care and have a great day!!
    I just have to second this again!!! You worked so hard to share this with all of us, THANKS SO MUCH

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcd View Post
    Sounds like Rachael certainly didn't have "the meet of her life" but given her participation in that student/medicine program in Boston just before, I think it's terrific that she (with her parents' support obviously) is seeking a balance with her skating and education. Am certain she'll be peaked and primed in time for the "real shows" this fall on the Grand Prix series.
    Flatt has strived to maintain a balance in her life over the years. She has mentioned in a couple of interviews that she is a nearly full time student....(I think she mentioned that she has a PE exemption .....) in the AP/Honors program at her high school in Colorado Springs with a straight A average.

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    The Golden West Championships have finished and the results are being posted:

    Caroline Zhang skated well but Mirai Nagasu withdrew. Also, four of the JPG alternates for the USA ladies participated with varying success. A few others impressed enough to warrant JGP participation. I'd like to see the results posted for the senior ladies before saying more.

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    I heard over at MKF that Caroline looked good and very improved! I hope Mirai is ok and not injured.

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    here are some videos of some skaters at Golden West. nice treat.

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