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Thread: Bush's biggest win in Iraq

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    Bush's biggest win in Iraq

    He's got the top US Oil Companies ready to go in. This was the main purpose of the Invasion, It was my opinion from the start and it seems now it was a good opinon, Oh but how sad the cost was and still is.

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    It's time for President Bush to lay down a frozen price of $2.50/gallon for gasoline at the pump NOW! to remain in place for 4 ears effective the day after he declares it. That means that on, say, July 10, 2012, the next president will declare a continuance of it in the face of being DUMPED if he does not! Period. End of story, no ifs, ands, or BUTTS!

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    I am actually against keeping gas prices artificially low (though assistance should be extended to more poor in the winter to offset heating costs). I am hoping the high prices will finally force this country to do more in line of actually spending less energy. I was truly disappointed that McCain (the candidate I've supported for a long time) is for the lowering of the gas taxes for the summer.

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