View Poll Results: Which 3 (hopefully) US Ladies will go to Vancouver in 2010?

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  • Mirai Nagasu

    77 52.03%
  • Rachael Flatt

    83 56.08%
  • Ashley Wagner

    36 24.32%
  • Caroline Zhang

    89 60.14%
  • Katrina Hacker

    3 2.03%
  • BeBe Liang

    3 2.03%
  • Kimmie Meissner

    24 16.22%
  • Alyssa Czisny

    34 22.97%
  • Sasha Cohen (If she returns)

    33 22.30%
  • Other- Please post your thoughts in the thread

    11 7.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: 2010 US Ladies Olympic Team

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    2010 US Ladies Olympic Team

    Who do you think will make the 2010 US Ladies Olympic Team?

    Let's assume (hopefull thinking...) that there will be 3 spots- Vote for 3 people you think will pull it all together and make it to Vancouver.

    And don't forget the underdogs... Sometimes they surprise ya!

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    I think Alexe Gilles stands a good chance, too. Her jumps seem pretty consistent and she seems to have the ability to stay focused.

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    Although I would love to see Kimmie, Sasha and Bebe make the team (and Michelle!), realistically, the top 3 young ladies of 08 Nationals may get the edge. Hard decision...

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    It really would be great if Sasha were to come back. Technicly, she may not be as good as before, and may not have a chance of getting a medal, but unlike most of the US ladies, she is artistic. Zhang and Nagasu are very talented, but they are girls and not women, so their artistry isn't mature enough. A similar comment can be made for Kimmie: she's got technique, but artisticly she isn't worth much.

    At the Olys, people want to get goosebumps, they want to be thrilled, and Sasha is the only one who, for now, can do just that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatachaHatawa View Post
    Zhang and Nagasu are very talented, but they are girls and not women, so their artistry isn't mature enough.
    They've still got 2 more years to grow, mature and develop their artistry even more. (:

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    This polls a tough one, but here's my opinion:

    Mirai - She probably has the best chance of breaking the Asian barricade, but she has a problem with under rotating her jumps. Hopefully she'll fix this problem before 2010 comes around because she's got everything, speed, flexibility, good spins, good jumps when they're fully rotates, and good presentation.

    Caroline - She's improved so much over the past few years, adding more and more new tricks, but she skates so slow compared to the others. If she speeds her skating up then she's got a real shot, plus her PCS should go up.

    Racheal - She's probably the most consistent of the American ladies and she's working on a second 3-3 which will rack up the points for her. I can definitely see her on the team because of her consistency and mature presence on the ice.

    Others to look out for:

    Ashley - I really would like to see how she's transformed this season, her SP looks gorgeous and I'm sure her LP is too. If her transformation continues and if she fixes her flutz then I can see her on the US team.

    Kimmie - I really hope she can get back to her old self before 2010, I would love to see her on the olympic team.

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    I picked Kimmie, Bebe, and Ashley because I'm really not into any of the other girls. Caroline and Mirai and Rachael presumably have a bit of growing to do between now and Feb. 2010, who knows if any of them will be able to adapt to their growing bodies? I'm not willing to get invested in someone that hasn't yet gone through their major growth spurt, because too often I fall for the skaters that hit puberty and fall apart. Katrina, I need to see a bit more of her before I can decide, I think I've only seen her skate once before, and I thought she was good but she didn't excite me. I'm interested to see how she does this season. Sasha would need a whole lot of mistakes from the rest of these ladies, because I don't think she is in any kind of condition to challenge for a spot on the team if everyone skates clean. She just doesn't have the 3-3 combos,and even her solo jumps were really wonky throughout most of SOI, and she was only doing toe loops and salchows. Also, she doesn't have that huge advantage on spirals and spins anymore, lots of the other girls are just as capable of getting levels three and four with high GOE on those elements, and they can match her on PCS marks, too.

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    My pick were:

    Mirai: She's got it all!!! And I think we need to give her an olympic experience. She's gonna be awesome once her growth spurt is over.

    Rachel: She's the most reliable & hands down I knew she'd be great since 1st time I saw her.

    Kimmie: Once she's fixed her problems, she'll be roarin back.

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    Sasha, Mirai, and Ashley. Caroline if Sasha doesn't come back.

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    I would love to see Sasha come back and skate as beautifully as she did in her SOI Moonlight Sonata program. But I don't think that Sasha will return to competitive skating. So, my picks are:

    The If Girl

    If Meissner and Zhang and Czisny fix their jump problems/confidence issues. If Wagner improves her presentation. If Hacker successfully adds to her arsenal of triples. If Liang can put two clean programs together. If Susie Salchow appears out of nowhere and upsets the apple cart.
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    I'd want to see Emily return.

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    michelle kwan

    Hasn't anyone thought about Michelle Kwan.

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    :sheesh: seriously? Michelle's time has passed... there's just no way she'll be ready in a year.

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    Aren't the skaters who make the world team the year before the Olympics on the Olympic team the next year? So, Alissa & Rachael will probably be there.

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    I have to say Rachel, Caroline, and Sasha( she owns Cop, assuming she can be ready)

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