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Thread: Changing opinions after watching LIVE

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    Changing opinions after watching LIVE

    I have never seen elite level skating Live.:o (blushes). But I take it that a lot of people here have seen comps or shows like SOI/COI. I also read post from people who say their feelings for a skater change after seeing that person live.

    1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?

    2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?

    3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?

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    I don't know the reason you have never seen skating live, but if you get the chance, don't pass it up, you will love it!

    1) In the whole Brian/Brian thing, I was always a Brian B. person until i saw Brian O. live. The man floats over the ice. Amazing.

    2) I don't know that I think anyone looks "better" on TV.

    3) I have been fortunate enough to have seen Alexei, Takeshi, Michelle, Anton and Elena, Kat, Kurt, Michelle, Elvis, Naomi and Peter and a lot of other wonderful skaters.


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    "1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?"

    -Irina: speed yes, but her command of the ice really impressed me
    - Alexei: always liked him, but loved him live. It baffles me the people think Abt should have taken Euros 02. He may have been clean, but ZZZZZ.
    - Kristi: so smooth, so fluid, a class above the rest.

    "2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?"

    Maria, Tara

    "3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?"

    MK, Lulu, A&B, A&P

    Just wanted to add:

    4. Skaters who won you over with live performances:
    - Jubert Lalique SP 02
    - Bebe JGPF SP 03
    - Kostner Euros 03 LP
    - Liashenko Lalique LP 02
    - Lambiel Euros 02 LP
    - Miki Ando JGPF 03

    5. Skaters who failed to win you over with live performances:
    - Sasha: Really, what is the big deal?
    - Honda: OMG, this guy could put a speed adict to sleep.
    - Julia Sebastian: skates like a former East Germen

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    Lulu, I can only agree with Nan: whatever it might take you, do it!!! The first and only time I was able to watch figure skating live has been Bofrost 2002 - and I loved it! It's so different from tv, and I think that it has helped me a lot in understanding the sport better. I totally agree with you, it causes spectators to see certain skaters from a different point of view.

    1) new appreciation:
    - Vakhtang Murvadnidze
    - Sergei Davydov
    - Silvio Smalun (never noticed his charisma before)
    - Winkler/Lohse
    - Dubreuil/Lauzon
    - Steinel/Tsvetkov
    - Elena Liashenko

    2) better on tv:
    - Yoshie Onda
    - Chait/Sakhnovsky

    3) favorites:

    4) won you over:
    - Alexander Abt (gala program)
    - Susanna Pökyiö
    - Denkova/Stavisky (gala)

    5) failed to win you over:
    - Shen/Zhao (but I just loved them at Worlds 2003!)
    - Evgeny Plushenko (great skater, but somehow he left me cold; the choreography of his "Adagio" makes me shiver, while I like his LP)
    - Michael Weiss
    - Petrova/Tikhonov

    Am I allowed to add a new category?

    6) Skaters you long to watch live:
    - Alexei Yagudin
    - Brian Joubert
    - Takeshi Honda
    - Irina Slutskaya
    - Sasha Cohen
    - Jenna McCorkell
    - Carolina Kostner
    - Abitbol/Bernardis (unfortunately, they have retired )
    - Belbin/Agosto

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    LuLu - Get thee to Dortmund in March!! It's not just the skaters we talk about. They are there live but it is also the skaters we never see and who have a lot of talent.

    As to your question. YUKA SATO - so lovely; so musical; and moves over the ice with great speed which you don't realize on TV.


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    ITA, go to the Grand Prix event nearest to you. The skaters are so wonderful live, and so many of the skaters you never see on TV are very, very good.

    "1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?"

    Todd Eldredge
    Brian Boitano
    Michelle Kwan
    Alexei Yagudin
    Shen and Zhao
    Plush's Carmen

    "2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?"

    Tara, Sasha, Vika, Julia Sebasteyn (but I have only seen her live at World's 03, which was not a good competition for her.

    "3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?"

    Really, I like almost all of them in different ways. I would list favorite performances that I have seen live rather than favorite skaters.

    4. Skaters who won you over with live performances:

    Yebin Mok
    Dan Fang
    Stephane Lambiel
    Shen and Zhou, Worlds 03 (first time I had seen them live. fabulous!)
    Inoue and Baldwin
    Sale and Pelletier (saw them at Skate America 1999 and was completely bowled over).

    5. Skaters who failed to win you over with live performances:
    - Sasha
    - Honda: nothing there but the f/w
    - Julia Sebastian: and I was so looking forward to her
    - Plush's Petersburg 2000 at Worlds (see what I mean about the program, not the skater. I loved his Carmen)
    -Carolina Kostner


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    Hi, all. I think this is my first post here.

    1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?
    I always liked Plushenko, but watching him live at Worlds practices just blew me away. He's so fast and powerful! I also enjoyed Yoshie Onda, someone I never much liked when I saw her on TV. I think watching her determination as she tried triple axel after triple axel in her practices impressed me.

    3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?
    Michelle, Sasha, Sarah, Elvis, Brian B., Rudy, Klimova & Ponomarenko, Viktor P., and probably many others who I'm too brain-dead to remember right now.

    I can't wait for Skate America!

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    Hi CynicElle, welcome to the forum.

    The skater who looks a hundred times better live than on TV is Irina Slutskaya. Those close-up TV shots that follow the skater just emphasize the few little things that she is not so good at, like she doesn't get her leg up very high in her spiral. But when you see her in person, WOW! GO IRINA!

    In fact the first time I saw her live she was skating against Michelle (my favorite) in one of those fluff competitions, and I hate like anything to have to admit it, but Irina outskated Michelle and was robbed by the judges, LOL.

    Also, I have to second Joe's observation. The best thing about live competitons is that you get to see skaters that you never see on TV at all. All of these guys and gals are wonderful, even if they never make it to the podium. Vahktang Murvanidze (I agree with Lisa here) and Watanabe and Kido are skaters that I had never heard of before I went to Skate America last year, but they totally blew me away.

    Skaters who looks scrumptious on TV but even more gorgeous in person: Jenny Kirk and Ann Patrice McDonough.

    To me, every skating performance looks better live than on television. Plus, you get the "smell of the greasepaint, roar of the crowd" experience.


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    1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?

    Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev.

    Dan Hollander and Surya Bonaly. Last time I saw them at a small show, and what they really won me over with was the fact that they skated as if it was the biggest show on earth. They put so much enthusiasm and heart in their performances, the audience gave each of them (I think) a standing ovation. And it was no small feat, as there were some big names skating in that show.

    Kurt Browning's "silly" program from this year's SOI looked much better live than on tv (zzzz....).

    Yagudin and Plushenko are great on tv, but to see them live... Their speed, the height and power of their jumps , their showmanship, footwork, but most of all -- their command of the ice... Same with B&S. I really liked them on tv, but I fell in love with them when I saw them live.

    2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?

    Michael Weiss (but I saw him only once and at COI, so...). Come to think of it, I enjoyed Bourne & Kraatz more when I saw them on tv (or maybe I just don't like their new programs).

    3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?

    Yags, Plush, B&S, Cohen, Browning, Bourne&Kraatz, Galindo, Griazev, Roca & Sur, Petrenko, Kulikova & Markov...

    If I can add my own category -- The skaters I'd like to see live: Kulik, Buttle, Sandhu, Abt, Slutskaya, Yebin Mok, Weir, Joubert, Gregory & Pethukov, Anissina & Peizerat, Drobiazko & Vanagas (lol, and I don't even like ice dancing too much), Stanislav Timchenko, Yamato Tamura... and many more.

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    Apart from a T&D show when I was 10 (that I don't remember much of and I was too far away to see any detail anyway), the only time I've seen elite skaters live was the Nottingham gala last year - A&P, B&S, Kristi, Kurt, Sasha, Ilia Kulik, Steven Cousins. The one who impressed me most was Ilia Kulik. His jumps just went up and up and up... they were so light and floaty, it's really amazing. I was a bit "take it or leave it" before, but when I saw him live I was just like "wow". The other skaters who made me go "wow" when I saw them live were Sasha (on her spiral), and B&S during their The Kid routine, with the throw and all the unique lifts and moves. The woman next to me was gasping all the way through that routine as well.

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    Igree once you see skating live your hooked.

    Two have better apprecation for is Sasha Cohen and Evgeni Plushenko. Seen them skate live before, but this year at COI ther was just something about them that made me think again.

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    A little over a year ago some friends & I went to COI. They had never seen it live before and they were so enamored they were crying. Just couldn't believe how much different it was.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    I must agree with Windspirit about Plush and Yags live. Wow. I saw them
    both for the first time at COI 2002, and they blew everyone else away. They
    are so fast, so fluid, and so graceful on the ice. There aren't any other men
    who come close, except Alexander Abt, who I got to see at Bofrost 2002. He
    is breathtaking, he gets his speed up so fast, and just appears to glide over
    the ice. Wow. Such a beautiful skater.

    Sasha Cohen doesn't do anything for me live (though qual at Worlds was pretty good,
    neither does Timmy, though
    he was quite good at Worlds FS (qual and SP were zzzzz). But he's got to do more like that for me to
    be impressed. Mike Weiss is okay live, but every time I've seen him, Evgeni
    or Alexander or Alexei have been there, and they make most of the other men
    look, well, dull.

    Sergei, Vakthang, Li, Joubert (love that SP!) are all fabulous live.

    I want so badly to like Takeshi, but the only time I was really moved by his
    performance is that final footwork sequence in Riverdance. That is spectacular
    live (saw it at Worlds this year). Maybe if I'd seen his 4CC performance in
    person, I'd feel differently.

    Laura, off to ponder more

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    Re: Changing opinions after watching LIVE

    1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?

    From competion: Plushenko, Davydov, Smalun, van der Peeren, Verner, Li (Chengjiang), Jahnke, Fraser & Lukanin, Petitin & Jost, Delobel & Schoenfelder, Zhang & Cao, Wing & Lowe, McCorkell, Maniachenko, Giunchi, Zhang & Zhang. From shows, Kulik, Brasseur & Eissler.

    During Euros 2003, Petrova & Tikhonov, although I thought they were awful at Worlds 2003. Michael Weiss' SP at Worlds 2003 -- I couldn't believe he could be that good, even with the fall. But I thought he looked like a different skater -- Sandhu, actually -- in his LP.

    2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?

    Butyrskaya, Slutskaya, Chait & Sahknovsky, Sandhu, Honda (hard to see he's skating in circles on TV), Suguri, Navka & Kostomarov, Lang & Tchernyshev, Robinson, Dubreuil & Lauzon, Liashenko, Nelidina.

    It's hard to compare competitive and show skates. I've never seen Bobek, Lipinski or Sale & Pelletier skate live in competition. So I would say they look better in competition on TV than they do live in COI/SOI. But I also think that's true of Michelle Kwan and many other skaters, too.

    3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?

    John Curry, Torvill & Dean, Klimova & Ponomorenko, Protopopovs, Usova & Zhulin, Krylova & Ovsiannikov, Michelle Kwan, Viktoria Volchkova, Julia Sebestyen, Alisa Drei, Susanna Poykio, Angela Nikodinov, Carolina Kostner, Brian Joubert, Stephane Lambiel, Jeffrey Buttle, Ilia Klimkin, Vahktang Murvanidze, Ryan Jahnke, Abitbol & Bernadis, Totmianina & Marinin, Volosozhar & Kharchenko, Pang & Tong, Berankova & Dlabola, Elena Berezhnaia, Hoffman & Elek, Bourne & Kraatz, Denkova & Staviyski, Belbin & Agosto.

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    Gained new appreciation for:
    Viktoria Volchkova and Elena Liashenko

    I had always wondered how the heck VV managed to get high enough scores to be in medal contention in the free program, and always found her skating blah at best, and cringe-worthy once she inevitably starts falling apart during the LP. But at last year's Skate America I saw why she gets high marks: Her jumps are HUGE, and she seems to land everything in sight during warmups and practices. Also, I suspect that she does really well in her SPs (I usually don't get to see them on TV).

    With Elena, I just saw a quality that was very nice, and her major "I'm going to do my Lutz at the pther end of the rink" set-up wasn't as distracting live as on TV.

    Also: Min Zhang of China. I'd always found him incredibly dull on TV, but he has a very nice performance quality live, and his jumps are great!

    And Sasha Abt. I already loved his skating, but getting to see that Bolero costume live was definitely something to appreciate

    I also agree with everyone who said that one of the best things about live comps is seeing skaters you never see on Tv: Murvanidze is the BEST. Also Davydov, and the Japanese skater who landed the 3A at SA last year. I also appreciate seeing how so many of the skaters who tend to splat in competitions really do skate practice. Clearly, putting it all together in front of the juges and the audience is a huge step and separates good skaters from great ones.


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