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Thread: Changing opinions after watching LIVE

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    Changing opinions after watching LIVE


    TV just does not do what seeing a live performance does in figure skating. There is no comparison.

    I have seen many of the greats over the years. I don't think my opinion has been swayed, just my appreciation is deeper after seeing a skater in person.

    Kurt Browning and Yuka Sato are both amazing to watch live as well as on tv.

    I have seen too many to list them all, but some of the highlights have been:

    Karen Magnussen
    Toller Cranston
    Kurt Browning
    Yuka Sato
    Brian Orser
    Bourne and Kraatz
    Elvis Stojko
    Torvil and Dean
    Roca and Sur
    JoJo Starbuck and Ken Shelly
    Brassuer and Eisler

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    Almost all my "new appreciation" skaters upon seeing them live have been mentioned, but just for a funny thing about differences in perspections live: Nansxoxo said she was more impressed by Brian B. until she saw Brian O. live and that Orser literally floats over the ice. I had the exact opposite response and even for the same reason, lol. I always thought Boitano looked stiff on TV and that Orser looked so smooth. But upon seeing them both live, though at different times, I was blown away by the way Boitano moved over the ice. I still have yet to see anyone's blade speed through the ice as if it were heated it's that smooth and floating. I still liked Orser when I saw him live, but I was not as impressed with him as I was with Boitano. I should note though that I saw Orser in his "down" phase, before he had his resurgence a few years ago and got back into great skating shape.

    One who knocked me out on TV and double knocked me out live is Ilia Kulik. Smooth smooth speed speed and edges so far over he's virtually on the side of his boot. And a great smiler. As a competitive skater, Kulik had one of the stoniest game faces ever so I never expected him to be so animated live. He's still awesome at being a real cool dude on ice, but he's also great at having "happy skates!"

    Irina's speed, power, and charisma -- definitely a skater to be seen live. Her positions are not classic, she's more about the movement between the positions, which is a disadvantage on TV. But live, Irina is smokin'!

    Yuka, as Joe said, is absolutely breathtaking live. Seeing Sasha Abt live changed me from a "What's the deal?" to "So THAT'S the deal!" Abt has phenomenally deep soft knees that allow him to cover half the rink in two strokes. And the man is pure animal sex appeal with beautiful edges, great balon (hang time) in the air, and overall skating quality. Such an enormous bummer about the injuries. The guy just had the worst luck. Imagine how he could have skated without ripping his leg apart five years ago?

    Todd Eldredge used to look like an insurance salesman skating when I watched him on TV, but live, his speed, power, line, and intensity made me think, "Is this the same guy?"

    Anyway, lots and lots of great "Wowser!" moments the first time, and even subsequent times, seeing skaters live, especially if occasionally you get an on-ice seat and you can feel the wind rush by you when a pair like Bechke and Petrov go zooming along. And I very much enjoyed Sasha Cohen when I saw her last Sept. at "Stars, Stripes, and Skates." Unfortunately, I thought she got weaker as the season went on, even though she skated very well at the GPF, but the reason seemed to be a loss of muscle mass. According to what I've read, Tarasova promises to put her on an intensive off-ice training program for this season. I hope so. With the right amount of muscle mass and using it right, Sasha can skate like a delicate Irina but with classic body lines. Without the strength, she's not able to get down into the ice and have that sturdy quality rather than the teetering quality I felt she had at Nats and Worlds. Cohen with muscles, I love her. Cohen without muscles, I like her but she looks unsteady.

    But as others have said, beg, borrow, or steal but see great skaters live as often as possible! You'll have moments you will never forget.

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    Rgirl ~

    You hit it exactly about Abt! At Skate America we ran into him at the skaters' hotel, and my friend just babbled, "You are's just..uh...your knees...WOW...". We had a good laugh about that for the rest of the trip (that and my other friend yelling "We love you Brian!" out the car window as she practically ran over the newly-crowned Joubert. Heh.


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    B& can just not see how fast and high these two fly on tv.

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    neat question

    1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?

    Maria Butryskaya is probably # 1. Actually I still don't care for most of her programs, but Habanera live is one of my all time favorites.

    Todd Eldredge, again not a favorite of mine, but terrific skater and the guy knows how to pick music that audiences respond to.

    S&P, well them I already liked, but seeing Cha-cha D'amour was amazing to me, they both filled the arena to the rafters, so naturally. I have been a fan ever since.

    2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?

    Ok, take this in the sense of coming in with pretty high expectations, these skaters were wonderful, just not as jaw dropping as I expected:


    3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?

    Yuka (WOW!)
    Shen and Zhou
    Kasakova and Dimitriev
    Punsalen and Swallow
    Brian Orser

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    Re Abt and your friend saying
    Originally posted by guinevere
    "You are's just..uh...your knees...WOW..."
    That is it! Those knees, wow BABY!
    Rgirl, By Abt Transformed

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    1. Are there any skaters who you gained a new appreciation for after seeing them live?

    Several - I never understood the hoopla over Abt until seeing him at SA last season. There is an energy and enthusiastic abandon to his skating, esp. his short program that was very engaging and captivating (not to mention you just can't help but be drawn to the *ahem* interesting costume choices). Joubert is another one - he grabbed the whole arena's attention during his SP (then again I'm biased - I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan ). Although I find Matt Savoie rather dull on TV, his programs live were a lot more enjoyable.

    I also gained a new appreciation for Elena Liashenko and was very glad to see her on the podium at SA. While Michelle still is not one of my favorites, I was quite impressed with her speed and flow on the ice, her command, and her confidence.

    2. Which skaters "look better" on TV?

    IMO, Viktoria. She was the only skater I've seen live where I've actually started thumbing through my program. No confidence, no real polish, no sense of enjoyment at being on the ice.

    Also, AP was not as engaging - I didn't sense she connected with her music at all in her LP.

    3. What are some of your favorite skaters-that you have seen live?

    Alexei Yagudin, Brian Joubert, Belbin & Agosto (sadly, I have yet to see many of my favorites live :( )

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